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Dan Borjal, NDFP Peace Consultant (NDFP Photo)

Rejoinder to Ernesto Angeles Alcanzare’s article in PDI “How Joma can help to win the peace”

Mr. Ernesto Alcanzare is so presumptuous as to claim that he speaks for the 98.3 percent of Filipinos! In actual fact, he speaks for the GPH because he parrots the GPH line of Ging Deles and Alex Padilla, the notorious saboteurs of the GPH-NDFP peace negotiations about "giving in too much to the demands of the NDFP", having the peace negotiations in the Philippines, etc. The NDFP can at least speak for its organized forces that run into hundreds of thousands and its mass base of adherents that run into millions in both the cities and countryside.


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Prospects under a Duterte presidency

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and all revolutionary forces take stock of the significance of the rise of Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte as chief political representative of the ruling classes and head of the reactionary client-state and its consequences in advancing the national democratic revolution through people's war.
People's SONA 2013 | NDFP Archive photo

Continuing Fight for Freedom, Justice, Social Causes, Peace and against Continuing Fascism

The 30th anniversary of the February 25, 1986 EDSA people power uprising against the Marcos outright fascist dictatorship takes place, on the one hand, in the midst of the continuing advance of the people's struggles and, on the other hand, in the face of increasing blatant -- as well as disguised -- fascism.
LJ 42nd ndfp anniv kodao productions

Role of the NDFP in the Program for a People’s Democratic Revolution

By LUIS G. JALANDONIMember, NDFP National Executive Committee…
jms ndfp 42 anniversary

NDFP: Prospects and Tasks

Message at celebration of NDFP 42nd Anniversary in Manila, 25…

We offer it to the Filipino people, to be their guide and rallying point, as they fight for an independent, democratic, just, prosperous & progressive future.

2015 : National Democratic Front of the Philippines : Information Office

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