Reply to the Opening Statement of Peace Adviser Jesus G. Dureza dated May 27, 2017

The GRP’s persistent demand for the immediate signing of a bilateral ceasefire agreement as precondition to the continuation of the formal talks is an outright violation of the 1992 Hague Joint Declaration. The NDFP stands by its position, priorly acknowledged and concurred with by the GRP, that the implementation of CARHRIHL and the forging of the CASER should take precedence over the crafting of a bilateral ceasefire agreement.

Highest honors to Bishop Elmer Bolocon

Bishop Bolocon's name easily comes to mind when we speak of church people who have consistently stood up and fought for human rights, for peace based on justice, and for putting an end to social systems of corruption, oppression and exploitation.

Duterte Regime Is Mixed up and Vulnerable

As he is about to finish the first year of his 6-year term of office in June, Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte is being assessed and evaluated by a broad spectrum of commentators in terms of performance and fulfillment of promises. His trust rating in poll surveys is still relatively high but this has begun to erode noticeably from the 80 percent peak of his popularity upon his election by a plurality vote of 38 per cent or 16 million of the electorate in May last year.
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On the appointment of more military generals to the Duterte cabinet

The Filipino people are not laughing at GRP President Duterte's supposed joke about forming or letting a military junta take over government after having appointed more ex-military generals to key posts in his cabinet.
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Why the AFP-PNP will lose the war against the CPP-NPA-NDF in the battle of people's hearts and minds

Firstly, because the CPP-NPA-NDF is fighting a revolutionary just war. It is fighting for the interest of the poor majority, for the peasants to have a land to till. It is fighting for the interest of all poverty-stricken Filipinos, notably the farmers, the workers, and the professionals, the religious and indigenous peoples and not for a few vested interests.

We offer it to the Filipino people, to be their guide and rallying point, as they fight for an independent, democratic, just, prosperous & progressive future.

2015 : National Democratic Front of the Philippines : Information Office