Philippine government sent assassins to The Netherlands to kill Jose Maria Sison

Assassination by hired killers failed twice

The Philippine government sent hired killers to The Netherlands
to kill the Communist Sison; details are coming out now

(Unofficial translation from the original in Dutch)

in, 30 May 2008, pp. 10-11

The Hague. They stayed in the Amsterdam budget tourist hotel Tourist Inn at the Spui [downtown Amsterdam], the members of the Filipino ‘hit team’ which came to The Netherlands in October 1999 in order to perpetrate a political murder. Their target was Jose Maria Sison, the rather elder Filipino Communist leader who has resided in Utrecht as an exile since 1987. Two men, with several thousand dollars cash and travelers checks. They had landed in Frankfurt and travelled by train to Amsterdam. There they bought two prepaid mobile cards and rented a car at Avis.

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The future, necessity and justification of socialism in the 21st century

By The International Department
Communist Party of the Philippines

Paper presented to the Seminar organized by the Communist Party of Turkey / Marxist-Leninist

In the coming years, the class struggle can be expected to intensify in the imperialist countries. As in previous times, the monopoly bourgeoisie can be expected to turn to fascism to oppose the mass movement of the proletariat and non-proletarian masses. At the same time, contradictions among the imperialist powers can intensify upon the aggravation of the crisis of overproduction and the rise of domestic fascist movements.

In the meantime, the highest potential for armed revolution led by the proletariat is now with peoples most exploited by the imperialists and the local exploiting classes in the underdeveloped countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America. The greatest advantage available to them is that they can wage protracted people's war ahead of proletarian revolutions in the centers of world capitalism.

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NDFP condemns abduction and detention of NDFP Consultant Randy Malayao


NDFP condemns abduction and detention of NDFP Consultant Randy Malayao,
Demands release of detained consultants and surfacing of disappeared consultants

Chairperson, NDFP Negotiating Panel

While informal peace talks were being held in Norway, NDFP Political Consultant Malayao was abducted by military agents on May 15, 2008 in Pasig City, Metro Manila. In violation of the GRP-NDFP Joint Agreement on Safety and Immunity Guarantees (JASIG), Malayao was abducted, tortured, arrested and till now is illegally detained in the custody of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Groug (CIDG) of the Philippine National Police in Ilagan, Isabela.

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NDFP renders highest honors to Crispin “Ka Bel” Beltran

NDFP renders highest honors to Crispin "Ka Bel" Beltran
Great hero of the working class and the Filipino people, and great internationalist

The National Council
National Democratic Front of the Philippines

ImageKa Bel’s invaluable contribution to the Filipino people’s struggle for national and social liberation is ineradicably carved in the more than sixty years of his militant struggle against foreign and domestic oppressors and exploiters. From the time he joined the resistance against Japanese occupation as a courier for the Filipino guerrilla fighters to his organizing of fellow taxi drivers, organizing militant workers’ federations, opposing the Marcos dictatorship and becoming a political prisoner, then escaping and organizing workers and peasants in the countryside,  then becoming  the President of the Kilusang Mayo Uno (May First Movement) and the multi-sectoral alliance Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (BAYAN), to becoming an elected representative in the Philippine Congress, he has compiled a brilliant record of fearlessly fighting for the interests of the working class and the Filipino people.

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The work of the CPP in organizing the workers for the revolution

Contribution of the Communist Party of the Philippines
to The 17th International Communist Seminar

Brussels, 16-18 May 2008

The Philippines is a semi-colonial and semi-feudal country, dominated by the US imperialists, the comprador bourgeoisie, the landlords and the bureaucratic capitalists. US imperialism and domestic feudalism are the main problems from which the masses of the people aspire to be liberated.

The Filipino working class, which emerged in the later period of Spanish colonial rule, has grown significantly in number and experience. But its further growth has been stunted because of the limitations in local industrialization and emphasis on raw material production and lately, on mere re-assembly plants, new plantations and businesses in the grip of foreign monopoly capitalism.

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NDF-Cagayan Valley condemns latest abduction of NDFP consultant

Spokesperson, NDF-Northeastern Luzon

The National Democratic Front-Cagayan Valley condemns the abduction of Randy Malayao, 38, last May 15, 2008 at the vicinity of Rosario, Pasig City. He is a political consultant of the National Democratic Front for Cagayan Valley…Malayao was active in various political activities for the advancement of the people's national democratic interests. He pushed for justice for all political prisoners and victims of the state's terrorism, the advancement of the peasants' struggles and fought against unjust government programs and policies. He was an active leader in the campaign against the Dy political dynasty in the region, which led to the overthrow of Faustino Dy, Jr as governor. Before his disappearance, he was active in peasants' discussions and fora regarding the high rates of rice and other issues concerning farmers.

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NDFP thanks Norwegian Government for facilitation and reiterates need to overcome impediments

Chairperson, NDFP Negotiating Panel

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) is thankful to the Royal Norwegian Government, Third Party Facilitator to the GRP-NDFP peace negotiations, for making possible the informal meeting between the GRP and the NDFP for the purpose of finding ways of resuming the formal meetings of the negotiating panels in GRP-NDFP peace negotiations in accordance with The Hague Joint Declaration.

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Impediments to overcome for the resumption of formal peace negotiations between the GRP and NDFP



Chairperson, NDFP Negotiating Panel

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) stands firmly for the resumption of formal peace talks between the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) on the basis of The Hague Joint Declaration and the subsequent agreements up to Oslo I and II. The NDFP affirms that these agreements are binding and effective… In order that the formal peace talks between the GRP and the NDFP can be resumed, the GRP must comply with the agreements it has signed with the NDFP and must do away with the impediments to the peace negotiations that it has put up in violation of said agreements.

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POWs released on humanitarian grounds despite AFP ignorance of International Humanitarian Law

By Rigoberto F. Sanchez
Spokesperson, Merardo Arce Command
NPA Southern Mindanao Regional Operational Command

The Merado Arce Command-Southern Mindanao Regional Operations Command – New People's Army has ordered the release of Sgt. Napoleon P. Gerasmio of the Army Reserve Command (ARESCOM-Philippine Army, SN 760645) and Sgt. Huberto C. Corbita of the Special Operations Command (SOCOM-AFP, SN 780628) after 12 days of captivity as Prisoners of War (POWS) of the Conrado Heredia Command-Front 20 Operations Command-NPA. The issuance of this order is a unilateral act of the revolutionary political authority over the POWs and is based on humanitarian grounds. We have given due consideration to the appeals made by their respective families and those that emanated from well-meaning friends in the various sectors, including those from the GRP local government units.

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