Arroyo government’s new Baseline Bill is a sellout to China

By Information Bureau
Communist Party of the Philippines

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today slammed the 2009 Baseline Bill, saying that it kowtows to the demands of the Chinese government for the Philippines to surrender its claim of sovereignty over the Kalayaan Islands (Spratly Islands, in international nomenclature) and nearby Scarborough Shoals. The bill was approved Wednesday by the Senate and House of Representatives and will soon be signed into law by Arroyo.

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Communist Party of the Philippines denounces IMF for pushing more taxes

By Information Bureau
Communist Party of the Philippines

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today denounced the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for "dictating economic policies that call for an even heavier tax burden for the broad masses which." These policy impositions are bound to be implemented by the puppet Arroyo regime.

Through its information bureau, the CPP berated IMF resident representative Dennis Botman for unequivocably supporting a hefty increase in the Arroyo government's 2009 budget, with the bulk allotted to debt service and a so-called "economic stimulus package" comprised of huge "public investments."

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Armed Forces of the Philippines distorting international rules of warfare regarding landmines

By Information Bureau
Communist Party of the Philippines

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today said the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) is distorting international rules of warfare with its persistent claims that the use of command-detonated land mines by the New People's Army (NPA) is prohibited under international humanitarian law and conventions on warfare.

Through its Information Bureau, the CPP clarified that command-detonated land mines are legitimate offensive and defensive weapons employed by the NPA in the course of the people’s war against the armed forces of the oppressive reactionary state.

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An open letter to paramilitary and AFP troopers, junior officers and policemen

ImageBy Simon "Ka Filiw" Naogsan
Spokesperson, Cordillera Peoples' Democratic Front

Last January 22, Jose Wayangen, a militiaman of the Citizens Armed Forces Geographical Unit (CAFGU) from Betwagan, Sadanga, Mountain Province shot dead Sgt. Pauig Pattaguan of the 77th Infantry Battalion in the army detachment in Tocucan, Bontoc. The incident underscores yet again the inherent disunity in the fascist armed forces brought about by the chain of abuse, discrimination and corruption that goes from the highest command to the lowest ranking soldier and militiaman in the field.

There is a limit to the levels of abuse and humiliation that even the lowliest militiaman will tolerate. Pattaguan ordered Wayangen to perform a menial chore, which the latter did. Afterwards, Pattaguan reprimanded Wayangen for performing the chore. Wayangen replied that he merely obeyed Pattaguan’s exact orders, to which the sargeant responded with a sneering comment and twisted Wayangen’s ear. Wayangen took his M14 rifle, pumped four bullets into Pattaguan, and called on his fellow militiamen to abandon the army detachment. Ten other militiamen, all villagemates of Wayangen, joined him and abandoned their posts.

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Message from the Communist Party of Greece (Marxist-Leninist)


Dear comrade Prof. Jose Maria Sison,

On behalf of the members, the cadres and the followers of the Communist Party of Greece (marxist-leninist) we want to congratulate you for remaining on the front line of the antiimperialist-anticapitalist-antirevizionist struggle for almost half a century and for your 70th year birthday. We wish that you will have a long life and continue serving with the same devoutness and self-denial the antiimperialist and revolutionary movement continue giving heart and soul to the movement of both your country but also of the world through your position as a Chairperson of the ILPS.

Red Salutes,

International Bureau,
Communist Party of Greece (marxist-leninist)

Message from the Communist Workers’ Party, Finland

ImagePolitical Committee, Communist Workers' Party

Honoured professor comrade Jose Maria Sison

With high respect for your activities as a fighter in the revolutionary movement in favour of the Philippine people we are indeed happy to congratulate You on your 70th anniversary day. Your inspiring activity which has lasted decades at the head of the peoples’ liberation movement and the communist party has given strength and fighting enthusiasm against the oppressors.

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Massive military operations in Rizal seriously endanger the lives of the 3 Prisoners of War

By Arman "Ka Arms" Guerrero
National Democratic Front of the Philippines – Rizal

The Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police never learned their lessons. Ten years ago, the New People's Army in the province of Rizal arrested and took as Prisoners of War (POWs) Chief Inspector (Major) Rene Francisco, then the Chief-of-Police of Montalban, Rizal, together with Master Sergeant Joaquin Melad of the Philippine Army. The AFP/PNP then launched massive military operations to rescue these POWs but almost killed them. They used their "elite forces" like the Scout Rangers, and thousands of military and police forces but they failed miserably in their attempt to rescue them. Read more

The Truth behind the crimes in Barangay Panobigon, Canlaon City

Frank Fernandez
Spokesperson, NDF-Negros

Other versions: Kamatuoran bahin sa krimen sa Brgy Panobigon , Canlaon City (Bisaya)

The 303rd Brigade Philippine Army, 11th Infantry Battalion, and the Philippine National Police Chief of Canlaon City have collaborated to spread lies in order to hide the truth behind the heinous crimes of murder, frustrated murder and illegal arrests committed by Col. Franco Nemesio Gacal, Lt. Leonardo Canete and troopers of the 11th IB PA.

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