US military exploiting calamity to send in more troops — CPP

By CPP Information Bureau

Other versions: Sinasamantala ng US ang kalamidad para magpadala ng dagdag na tropa (Pilipino)

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today scored the US government for exploiting the widespread devastation brought about by Typhoon Ondoy as an opportunity to send in more interventionist troops from its US Pacific Command. The troops have been brought in ostensibly to help in the cleanup and rehabilitation efforts, said the CPP.

US soldiers belonging to a 3,000-strong force based in Okinawa, Japan began arriving Wednesday evening supposedly to join Filipino troops in conducting relief efforts in Metro Manila's worst flooded areas in Cainta, Pasig and Marikina.

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On the removal of my name from the EU terrorist blacklist

Chief Political Consultant, NDFP Negotiating Panel

I am very happy that the European Court of First Instance (ECFI) has annulled all the decisions and the regulation of the Council of the European Union (EU) that have kept my name in its so-called terrorist blacklist.

The ECFI has ruled that the judgments of the Dutch State Council and the Legal Uniformity Chamber about my asylum case and those of The Hague District Court and Appellate Court about the false charge of murder, do not relate to the instigation of investigations or prosecution or to a conviction for terrorist activity, contrary to the requirements of European Community Law. Said court judgments in The Netherlands are in fact favorable to me but have been maliciously misinterpreted by the Council.

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Mobilize efforts to help victims of calamity

Communist Party of the Philippines

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) expresses deepest sympathy with the millions of people displaced by widespread flooding and landslides due to tropical storm Ondoy in many places in Metro Manila and 23 provinces. The CPP called on all revolutionary forces to extend all possible effort in helping the victims of the devastation.

Starkly telling is the gross inability of government agencies to carry out expeditious and appropriate rescue and relief operations. Even on the second day, several thousands were still left helpless inside or atop their homes surrounded by floodwaters as they waited far too long for unprepared and ill-equipped rescue teams. For most, the government was never around and help never came. Those who survived on their own and millions who bore witness to the social trauma of the past few days seethed in anger at the govenment's inutility.

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Arroyo government is whitewashing Fr. Lucero’s killing

CPP Information Bureau

The National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas today expressed concern that justice is being derailed in the Sept. 6 killing of human rights advocate Fr. Cecilio Lucero because of indications of whitewashing by the Arroyo government. "We accuse 8th Infantry Division chief Gen. Arthur Tabaquero of lying to the public in his Sept. 18 press conference where he blamed the New People's Army for the political killing of Fr. Lucero," said NDF-EV spokesperson Fr. Santiago Salas. "This lie was furthermore inflated and disseminated in a press release by the Philippine Information Agency last Sept. 21. This connivance by the military and a civilian agency points to the increasing possibility of whitewashing by the Arroyo government, in the same way that almost a thousand political killings since 2001 have remained unsolved, raising local and international outcries."

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Oplan Bantay Laya is martial law in the time of Gloria Arroyo

By Rubi del Mundo
Spokesperson, NDF-Southern Mindanao

No amount of denial by the Arroyo regime could refute the fact that there is de facto martial law in our midst today. Signs of the Martial Law period are evident in the wails and cries of justice of thousands of victims of extrajudicial killings, enforced disappearances, torture, harassments and other human rights violations of the Arroyo regime.

The human rights violations that took place during Marcos's time, 37 years ago, are again perpetuated under the fascist regime of Gloria Arroyo, with a much bolder and more vicious twist.

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Assassination attempt on NDFP Consultant Glicerio Pernia condemned

Chairperson, NDFP Negotiating Panel

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) Negotiating Panel condemns in the strongest terms the assassination attempt on NDFP Consultant Glicero “Ka Choy” Pernia on 16 September 2009 in Barangay Lower Binogsacan, Guinobatan, Albay. Pernia is a victim of torture and illegal detention by the Arroyo regime in gross violation of the Joint Agreement on Safety and Immunity Guarantees (JASIG).

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Arroyo and Razon proclaim end of GRP-NDFP Peace Negotiations

NDFP Chief Political Consultant

In their most recent statements, the de facto president Gloria M. Arroyo and her OPAPP secretary Avelino Razon, Jr. have paid lip service to peace negotiations between the Government of the Philippines (GRP) and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) only to proclaim the end of peace negotiations and blame the NDFP for their own malicious action.

Despite the extremely hostile pronouncements of Arroyo and Razon, the NDFP Negotiating Panel continues to seek the resumption of formal talks in the GRP-NDFP peace negotiations and demand respect for and compliance with the Joint Agreement on Safety and Immunity Guarantees (JASIG) and all other bilateral agreements made since 1992.

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Prospects and developments of the peace talks between the GRP and the NDFP

Chairperson, NDFP Negotiating Panel

Magandang hapon, mga kababayan, kaibigan, mga kasama sa pakikibaka para sa hustisya at kapayapaan,

First, I would like to warmly greet the organizers of this forum, the League of Filipino Students that is celebrating its anniversary, the Cordillera Ecumenical Movement for Action and Transformation, the Alliance of Concerned Students, Anakbayan – UP Baguio, the University Student Council and UPB Outcrop. My greetings also to the panel of reactors from the academe, the studentry and the church, and the other participants in this forum.

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Armed forces of US-Arroyo regime attempted to assassinate NDFP Consultant Ka Choy Pernia

Ka Greg Bañares
Spokesperson, NDF-Bicol

The 9th Infantry Division-Philippine Army is weaving a web of lies when it said that that it was a unit of the New People’s Army that ambushed and attempted to snatch Glicerio ‘Ka Choy’ Pernia from his police escorts around 10:20 am earlier today in Brgy. Lower Binogsacan, Guinobatan, Albay.

No unit of the NPA was involved in this incident and it is clear that what happened was a dastardly attempt of the AFP to assassinate Ka Choy who is a consultant of the NDFP Peace Panel and then put the blame on the NPA. Read more

Prof. JOSE MARIA SISON: On people’s war and peace negotiations

Interview by Roselle Valerio
Liberation International

Thank you for granting this interview in your capacity as the chief political consultant of the negotiating panel of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP). I would like to ask some questions about the status and prospects of the people's war and the peace negotiations of the NDFP with the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP).

  1. But first let me ask you, what is your current personal situation in exile, as a political refugee?

    Jose Maria Sison (JMS): I am taking seriously and enjoying my role as chief political consultant of the NDFP negotiating panel, and as chairperson of the International League of Peoples' Struggle. I do a lot of research, writing and speaking before various types of audiences. I manage to speak through Skype, Yahoo Messenger and other video-conferencing methods to audiences in the US and other countries which refuse to give me the visa.

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