People’s Army seeks justice for victims of 19th Infantry Battalion in Eastern Visayas

"From Estrada to Aquino, the 19th IB had killed 27 civilians in four massacres in Northern Samar and Leyte, the latest victims being botanist Leonard Co and his two assistants last November 2010."  — NDFP Eastern Visayas

By NDFP Eastern Visayas

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines – Eastern Visayas said today that the New People's Army in Leyte is making the 19th Infantry Battalion of the Philippine Army pay for its crimes, and that battalion commander Lt. Col. Federico Tutaan is doggedly covering up his unit's losses as well as its various atrocities.

“The 8th Infantry Division through Col. Tutaan had long gloated that the NPA was finished in Leyte,” said Fr. Santiago Salas, NDFP-EV spokesperson. “But the NPA has made great advances in recent years, and from March 2010 to March 2011 has inflicted losses on the 19th IB of at least 40 soldiers killed in action and 12 wounded in action, and the confiscation of high-powered rifles and other weapons. While Col. Tutaan denies the 19th IB's losses, it is no wonder then that military deployment in Leyte has been upgraded from a single battalion to approximately a brigade under the 802nd Infantry Brigade, now based in the island.”

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Philippine Army must comply with International Humanitarian Law

Philippine Army must comply with IHL and CARHRIHL, refrain from engaging in acts of reprisal against NPA hors de combat

(A statement of the Merardo Arce Command-Southern Mindanao Regional Operations Command-New People's Army regarding the three wounded NPA undergoing medical treatment facilitated by Davao City Vice Mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte)

By Merardo Arce Command

NPA Southern Mindanao Regional Operations Command

On 29 May 2011, a unit of the Conrado Heredia Command-Guerrilla Front 20 Operations Command, under the Merardo Arce Command of the New People's Army in Southern Mindanao, engaged and repulsed a platoon of the 2nd Scout Ranger Battalion-First Scout Ranger Regiment (FSRR) as the latter attacked an NPA tactical position in Sitio Karampil, Barangay Aliwagwag, Cateel, Davao Oriental.

The FSRR — considered an elite unit of the Philippine Army — suffered eleven (11) casualties that included eight killed and three wounded, contrary to the pronouncement of the 10th Infantry Division spokesperson Lt. Col. Lyndon Paniza. Two Red fighters were martyred and four others were wounded, three of them seriously.

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Compliance with JASIG requires release of Alan Jazmines, other political prisoners

Compliance with JASIG requires release of Alan Jazmines and other NDFP Consultants and JASIG-Protected personnel

Chairperson, NDFP Negotiating Panel

The sincerity of the Government of the Philippines (GPH) under President Noynoy Aquino is under serious question because of the failure to release Alan Jazmines and other Consultants of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) and JASIG-protected persons.

The GPH, through its Negotiating Panel, committed itself “to work for the expeditious release of detained NDFP consultants and other JASIG-protected persons in compliance with the Joint Agreement on Safety and Immunity Guarantees (JASIG) and in the spirit of goodwill.”

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NPA hit mercenary troops in Agusan del Norte, 2 killed, 4 wounded

AFP-COPD troops in Agusan del Norte hit by the NPA
Two killed, four wounded including Philippine Army lieutenant

Spokesperson, NDFP-Northeast Mindanao Region

Four consecutive successful military actions were launched by units under the Pulang Diwata Command-New People’s Army against enemy troops in the mountain areas of Agusan del Norte. Two (2) were killed and four (4) were wounded from the enemy while there were no casualties from the Red Fighters.

On 20 May 2011, a unit of the NPA in Front 21 ambush-sniped an enemy column carrying out so-called Community Organizing for Peace and Development (COPD) in Agusan del Norte. The ambush happened at around ten o’clock in the evening in Sityo Mahayahay, Anticala, Butuan City. One was killed and two wounded from the enemy. Among the wounded is an official of the 23rd Infantry Battalion of the Philippine Army.

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US-Aquino regime’s national security program is a factory of lies

OPlan Bayanihan of US-Aquino Regime–Bayanihan of Liars

NPA-Southwest Negros

Under the national security program "OPlan Bayanihan" of the US-Aquino Regime 2, patterned from the US imperialist Counter-Insurgency Guide, the mercenary Armed Forces of the Philippines has intensified its grandiose psychological warfare operations aimed at covering their fascist attacks against the revolutionary movement — the Party, New People's Army and the masses. As an integral part of Oplan Bayanihan's "enemy-centric approach" is the fabrication of lies by the AFP to destroy, demoralize and divide the NPA and the masses.

Part of their line of propaganda and tales is the series of "stories" of infighting between the NPA units from Samar and Negros, arbitrary punishment of civilians by the NPA, "surrenders" , etc.

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New People’s Army orders release of two prisoners of war in Southern Mindanao

Spokesperson, Merardo Arce Command
NPA Southern Mindanao Regional Operations Command

The Merardo Arce Command-Southern Mindanao Regional Operations Command of the New People's Army has ordered the release of Prisoners of War Corporal Delfin Largo Sarocam (SN 797683) and Private First Class Jayson Burgos Valenzuela (SN 872545) of the 57th Infantry Battalion under the 6th Infantry Division-Eastern Mindanao Command-Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

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Strengthening Communist Parties in the worsening global capitalist crisis

Contribution of the Communist Party of the Philippines
to the 20th Brussels Communist Seminar
13 – 15 May 2011

On a global scale, the objective conditions for strengthening Communist Parties are favorable. The crisis of the world capitalist system keeps on worsening. And the broad masses of the people are rising up simultaneously in many countries in various continents to resist the dire consequences of the global crisis.

Communist Parties have the opportunity to strengthen themselves in an all-round way: ideologically, politically and organizationally. The ever worsening crisis exposes the bankruptcy and rottenness of the entire world capitalist system and points to the necessity of revolutionary struggles for national liberation, democracy and socialism under the leadership of the proletariat and its revolutionary party.

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NDFP slams US-funded “road to war”

NDFP-EV slams 8th ID's US-funded “road to war”

NDFP-Eastern Visayas

Calling it a “road to war” funded by the US government, the National Democratic Front of the Philippines-Eastern Visayas today challenged the 8th Infantry Division of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Aquino government to come clean on the military's proposal for the construction and rehabilitation of roads on Samar Island and its connection to the $434 million grant for the same by the US Millenium Challenge Corporation last year.

"The NDFP-EV believes the P4.6-billion road projects recently proposed by 8th ID chief Gen. Mario Chan to the Regional Development Council are part and parcel of the US MCC grant,” said Fr. Santiago Salas, NDFP-EV spokesperson.

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Resist and destroy foreign mining corporations!

Armando Sumayang Jr. Command
NPA Southwest Negros Guerrilla Front 2, Negros Island

Big foreign Mining corporations have no place in Negros island. Land to till and not mines is what is needed by the people in the “kaigangan” (swidden farms), coffee, coconut, sugar, corn and rice land areas.

This is the militant demand of the people in Southwest Negros who were victimized by the giant mines of Maricalum Mining Corporations and Philex Mining Corp and victims of the Oplan Thunderbolt of the former Cory Aquino Regime.

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EU-funded project serves to absolve Philippine military abuses — NDFP

NDFP-EV criticizes MSQRT as a palliative measure and a platform for absolving human rights violators

By NDFP – Eastern Visayas

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines-Eastern Visayas said today that extra-legal killings and enforced disappearances will not be solved by the Multi-Sectoral Quick Reaction Team (MSQRT) called “Kasugbong” in Western Samar and involving the military, police and other government agencies and non-governmental organizations.

The initiative is backed by the Euro-Phil Justice Support Program, The Asia Foundation, and the Ateneo Human Rights Center.

“Does it not bother the proponents of this MSQRT that it campaigns against extra-legal killings and enforced disappearances but enlists the military and police, who have often been accused as the very perpetrators of such crimes?” asked Fr. Santiago Salas, NDFP-EV spokesperson.

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