In a show of overwhelming support to the more than 2 million retirees and survivors, it is only rightful for the Filipino people to raise a loud cry of protest condemning Benigno Aquino III’s veto of the proposed Social Security Act (HB 5842), a law that could have raised the current SSS pension premium by P2,000.

This, once again, showed big landlord Aquino III’s utter contempt for carrying out measures that provide adequate social support and services for the general masses, especially the elderly, whose pensions were in fact last augmented in 1997.

With the debilitating effects induced by the chronic economic crisis in a semi-feudal and semi-colonial society (what with the constant decline of the value of the peso and the steady rise in the prices of medical needs, services and basic commodities), Aquino III’s veto virtually deprives millions of hapless elderly people of what-could-have-been crutches to survive and cope in these trying times.

Shooting down the SSS pensioners bill is a brazen measure of cutting down on social spending, discouraging any and all future legislations that stipulates augmenting basic social services, such as health, education and pension. This clearly favors the neoliberal paradigm imposed by the profit-seeking interests of Aquino III’s real bosses, US imperialist monopoly and the local big bourgeoisie, over the majority poor’s needs, which for a long time have only either been answered artificially or completely neglected. Aquino III killed in its tracks not only the proposed 2,000-peso-increase for pensioners but also other proposals to increase wages, benefits, the education and health budget, and funds for other basic social services.

There is no truth to the claim that the SSS will go bankrupt once the Php 2,000 proposed increment to the pension premium is implemented because millions of working Filipinos across the country can collectively accumulate more than enough amount in contributions. The fund will never dry out if government is serious enough to get rid of corruption in the collection as well as the scandalous perks benefits to SSS officials.

Instead of genuinely providing for the most basic of social services, Aquino III has given away dole outs through the much-vaunted but corruption laden conditional cash transfer program, such as the 4Ps and Pamana. These dole outs induce spending among the impoverished, but has an inflationary effect and does not, in any way, create new work opportunities that will give way for genuine national development and industrialization.

Moreover, it is also common knowledge that the SSS fund is a milking cow for election spending and corruption. With barely four months to go before the 2016 national polls, the US-Aquino III regime, on one hand, will rather manipulate the funds for electoral purposes than freely hand it over to senior citizens. On the other, Aquino III refuses still to put the multi-billion DAP, which he keeps on a tight leash, to productive use to augment the SSS fund and other social services.

At the very end of Aquino III’s term, denying the people of adequate social services is his legacy of greed and indifference to the needs of the millions who are impoverished. Thus, in the remaining months of the US-Aquino III regime, the NDF-Mindanao calls on the people to continue to unite and rise in protest against the reactionary government’s continuing anti-people impositions.#

(Sgd) Ka Oris


The bloody Mendiola massacre, which killed 13 and wounded dozens of farmers seeking for land reform, took place 29 years ago on January 22, 1987. It is forever etched in the memory of the Filipino nation as an act of betrayal by the US-Cory Aquino regime, which then promised to be the exact opposite of the Marcos dictatorship, yet proved to be nearly as tyrannical.

Nearly three decades later, justice is still elusive for the victims of the Mendiola massacre, including their families and the millions of peasants across the archipelago whose cry for genuine agrarian reform remain unheeded.

History as the ultimate witness tells us how previous regimes — from Marcos to Aquino III – hold in deep contempt the implementation of genuine agrarian reform in the country, perpetually concocting anti-peasant measures, such as the CARP and its useless extension CARPer, to retard if not kill land reform altogether, safeguarding foremost the land monopoly interests of big landlords, big bourgeois comprador and their US imperialist master.

The CARP, for instance, as the centerpiece program of the Cory Aquino government was clearly a failure. Its ‘land distribution’ was tokenistic at best and instead gave leverage to big landlords to protect large portions of their land monopolies. Presently, CARPer, which is about to end, has even made available and expanded all avenues for big landlords to maintain and expand their land properties, thus a great majority of the peasants all over the country continue to be deprived to own land to till.

The big landlord Cojuangco-Aquino clan is accountable not just for the Mendiola massacre under the Cory Aquino presidency but also for the carnage at their very own Hacienda Luisita in 2003. This alone shows why Aquino III has deliberately denied agrarian reform. Until today, the farmers of Hacienda Luisita, owned by the Aquino-Cojuangco clan, continue to be deprived of the land they deserve.

In Mindanao, the small pieces of land owned by millions of peasants have been grabbed, one way or another, by the huge imperialist agri-plantations, such as Dole, Del Monte and SumiFru. With subhuman wages and work hours, countless have succumbed to the extremely exploitative conditions of being an agri-worker in plantations, haciendas and other big farms.

Genuine agrarian reform under the reactionary government, under a semi-feudal, semi-colonial society that is ruled by big landlords, big bourgeois compradors and their imperialist master will never come into fruition. It is only through the victory of the national-democratic revolution, which has agrarian revolution as its main program, that genuine agrarian reform can be attained.

But even if victory is yet to be achieved, the revolutionary movement is already implementing its minimum program for agrarian reform, such as the reduction of rent of land, farm tools and implements and farm animals. It has launched mass campaigns to augment the wage rates of farm workers, increase productivity and raise the prices of farm products. It has also reduced usury. And maximum land reform are implemented in some areas where the Red political power is relatively strong and when the prevailing situation allow.

And, upon victory, there will be sweeping maximum land reform throughout the country to once and for all free the tillers of the land from the bondage of feudalism and semi-feudalism. Then and only then can justice be truly delivered for the martyrs of the Mendiola and Hacienda Luisita massacres and all other inequities inflicted against the peasantry.#

(sgd) KA ORIS

Lalong pag-alabin ang poot ng bayan sa rehimeng US-Aquino

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Eight (8) were killed while seven (7) were wounded from the 3rd Special Forces Battalion (SFB) and ‘Magahat’ while two (2) NPA were slightly hit in the three (3) clashes that happened last January 15-16, 2016 in Brgy. Mabuhay, Prosperidad, Agusan del Sur.

The 3rd SFB PA along with the bandit ‘Magahat’ were on military operations from their camp in Inagawan, Prosperidad towards the mountain area of Mabini and Mabuhay in Prosperidad. Bobby Tejero, Romeo Banusan, Emie Perez and Anit Belandres all members of ‘Magahat’ under Kalpit Egwa, were seen by residents with the group. Bobby Tejero is one of those implicated in the massacre of Lumads in Han-ayan, Diatagon, Lianga last September 1, 2015, while Banusan is the leader of another group of the ‘Magahat’ encamped in Sitio Inagawan, La Purisima, Prosperidad. Anit Belandres is the brother of Marcial Belandres who killed lumad-leader Henry Alameda last October 24, 2014 in Brgy. San Isidro, Lianga, Surigao del Sur.

January 15, 7:40 in the morning, a unit of the NPA-Front 19 ambushed 12 ‘Magahat’ troops led by Romeo Banusan while they were patrolling in Purok 6, Mabuhay, Prosperidad. The firefight lasted 15 minutes, with no casualty from both sides. At around 1:00 o’clock in the afternoon, another NPA team harassed the same ‘Magahat’ group while they were going towards Purok 6, Mabuhay, Prosperidad. The firefight went on for 20 minutes and 2 enemies were hit, while an NPA was slightly hit.

January 16, at around 9:20 in the morning, 50 combined 3rd SFB PA and ‘Magahat’ troops attacked an NPA position in Sitio Kauswagan, Mabuhay, Prosperidad. Six (6) enemies were killed and seven (7) were wounded after almost 20 minutes of firefight, while one (1) NPA was wounded and a few things were left behind.

These recent incidents confirms the fact that the criminal group of the Tejero brothers and Marcial Belandres, who have arrest warrants for the killings of lumads, are with AFP units. This shows that the AFP do not intend to arrest these criminals and that the creation of Task Force Bangkaw supposedly to go after them, is just for show.

The statements of Col. Isidro Purisima of the 402nd Bde PA that there were 5 NPA killed in the 3 clashes are but lies. It is but a desperate act to cover the fact that they have been protecting the wanted brothers Bobby and Loloy Tejero, Garito Layno and Marcial Belandres. This further show that they do not have any intention of letting the lumad evacuees in Tandag City whose main demand was the capture of these 4 criminals, return safely to their communities.

Ka Maria Malaya



Enero 21, 2016


Walo (8) ang patay ug pito (7) ang samaron sa 3rd Special Forces Battalion (SFB) ug ‘Magahat’ samtang sa pikas bahin duha (2) ang napingsan sa BHB sa tulo (3) ka panagsangka nga nahitabo niadtong Enero 15-16, 2016 sa Brgy. Mabuhay, Prosperidad, Agusan del Sur.

Nag-operasyon ang 3rd SFB PA kuyog ang mga bandidong ‘Magahat’ gikan sa ilang kampo sa Inagawan, Prosperidad ngadto sa kabukiran sa Mabini ug Mabuhay sa Prosperidad. Nakita sa mga lumolopyo nga kuyog sa grupo sila Bobby Tejero, Romeo Banusan, Emie Perez ug Anit Belandres nga pulos mga sakop sa ‘Magahat’ ubos ni Kalpit Egwa. Si Bobby Tejero usa sa mga nagmasaker sa mga lumad sa Han-ayan, Diatagon, Lianga niadtong Septembre 1, 2015, samtang si Banusan lider sa usa ka grupo sa ‘Magahat’ nga nagkampo sa Sitio Inagawan, La Purisima, Prosperidad. Si Anit Belandres usab igsoon ni Marcial Belandres nga nagpatay sa lider-lumad nga si Henry Alameda niadtong Oktubre 24, 2014 didto sa Brgy. San Isidro, Lianga, Surigao del Sur.

Enero 15, 7:40 sa buntag, naambus sa usa ka yunit sa BHB-Front 19 ang 12 ka tropa sa ‘Magahat’ nga gipangulohan ni Romeo Banusan samtang nagpatrolya sa Purok 6, Mabuhay, Prosperidad. Mikabat sa 15 minutos ang binuthanay, apan walay kaswalti sa duha ka panig. Pagka ala-1:00 sa hapon, giharas sa laing grupo sa BHB ang mao gihapon nga grupo sa ‘Magahat’ samtang naglugsong sa Purok 6, Mabuhay, Prosperidad. Milungtad sa 20 minutos ang panagsangka ug 2 ang klarong naigo sa kaaway, samtang 1 ang napingsan sa BHB.

Enero 16, alas 9:20 sa buntag, giatake sa 50 ka tropa sa hiniusang pwersa sa 3rd SFB PA ug ‘Magahat’ ang posisyon sa BHB sa Sitio Kauswagan, Mabuhay, Prosperidad. Unom (6) ang patay ug pito (7) ang samaron sa kaaway human sa mokabat 20 minutos nga panagsangka, samtang usa (1) ang samaron sa BHB ug nabilin ang pipila nila ka mga gamit.

Kining ulahing mga panghitabo nagapamatuod nga kuyog ra sa yunit sa AFP ang mga kriminal nga grupo sa magsuong Tejero ug Marcial Belandres nga pulos naay warrant of arrest tungod sa mga kaso sa pagpatay sa mga lumad. Nagpakita usab kini nga walay tuyo ang AFP nga dakpon kining mga kriminal ug pakaaron-ingnon lang ang ilang pagtukod sa Task Force Bangkaw aron kunohay mogukod kanila.

Bakak usab ang gipasiatab ni Col. Isidro Purisima sa 402nd Bde PA nga naay 5 ka BHB ang napatay niining 3 ka panagsangka. Desperadong lakang niya kini aron tabunan ang nabutyag nga ilang pagprotekta sa mga wanted nga magsuong Bobby ug Loloy Tejero, Garito Layno ug Marcial Belandres. Timailhan kini nga wala gyud siya’y intensyon nga makabalik ang namakwit mga lumad sa Tandag City kansang nag-unang demanda mao ang pagdakop niining 4 ka kriminal aron luwas nga makabalik sila sa ilang mga komunidad.

Ka Maria Malaya


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Destruction of 110,000 hectares of land, thousands dislocated in Caraga for coal mining

caragaCaraga region is currently the target for the largest coal mining in Mindanao. In total, more than 110,000 hectares of Caraga’s land is being targeted for coal mining. This means further destruction of forests and mountains for mining. This will dislocate and destroy the livelihood of thousands of people and worsen the rapid climate change of the planet.

The current regime’s decision of choosing the further destruction of forests, land and environment and dislocate the people for coal mining is the same as declaring war against the people and against the environment.

Thus, NDFP-NEMR in turn declares war against the senseless and greedy decision of Malacañang to promote coal mining in Caraga and sacrifice the interests of the people and the environment.

The more than 110,000 hectares of land have been allocated among mining capitalists. More than 20,000 hectares of land in the region has been awarded by the government for mining to the capitalists Abacus Coal Exploration, Great Wall Mining, Benguet Corp. and Bislig Ventures. Another 7 large companies have been allowed to appropriate more than 30,000 hectares for exploration, while another 62,000 hectares are being offered by the US-Aquino regime for such.

Widespread coal mining will cause significant damage to the environment and people that would intensify the destruction resulting from nickel mining and agricultural plantations in Caraga. The coal will feed the power plants or coal-fired power plant (CFPP). These plants will discharge hazardous emissions that would aggravate global warming and contribute to climate change. This problem is escalating as shown by the increase and intensity of typhoons like Yolanda, Pablo and Sendong.

This will also result to dislocations of Lumads and farmers as the target area encompasses the ancestral lands of the tribes and farmlands of peasants. This also means militarization to brutally suppress those who oppose, harass and drive away residents from the area that the capitalists will mine, like what has been done to the more than 6,000 residents of 6 municipalities of Surigao del Sur.

This is in contrast to the land reform program implemented by the revolutionary movement. The reactionary government is instead strengthening land monopoly of big capitalists instead of solving landlessness of farmers.

Based on the decision of the NDFP-NEMR, the regional command of the NPA-NEMR commands all units within its territory to carry out punitive actions to prevent coal mining companies from operating in the areas, by destroying their equipment, preventing their agents or administrators from entering the area and attacking their armed troops.

The masses within the areas affected by mining are called upon to use different methods to expose, oppose and prevent these destructive projects. We also call upon groups and individuals who are for the good of the environment and the people like the church people, environmentalists, government officials and many others, to unite to oppose and block the exceedingly destructive coal mining.

We are also warning local businessmen and contractors to refrain from doing business with coal mining to avoid the destruction of your equipment and business.

There are plans of establishing 59 coal-fired power plants in the Philippines and half of these number will be in Mindanao. At present, in Mindanao, two coal power plants are operating, one in Misamis Oriental and another in Davao City. Another 3 plants are being contracted in Maasin (Sarangani), Sta Cruz (Davao del Sur) and Phividec (Misamis Oriental).

The US-Aquino regime is strongly pushing for coal energy to answer the needs of big capitalist companies, instead of implementing sustainable, safe and clean energy like hydro, solar and air.

This program directly violate the resolution at the recent world conference in Paris that prohibits the building of new coal-fired power plants and the gradual abandonment of coal energy because of its highly destructive effects.

We should not be fooled by the promise of the people benefitting from coal mining, and the added promise of clean emission from modern coal-fired power plant. Whatever small gain people get from coal energy can never compensate for the severe destruction that it will bring to society and the environment

Lastly, let us push for projects that sincerely serve the people and protect the environment.

Ka Maria Malaya


The National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) National Executive Committee and the NDFP Negotiating Panel deeply mourn the untimely death of Ka Eduardo Serrano. We convey our most heartfelt condolences to his family, relatives, comrades and numerous friends.

Ka Eduardo Serrano served the Filipino people with his whole heart and soul as a revolutionary educator and organizer for many years. As an agriculture graduate of the University of the Philippines – Los Banos, he shared his agricultural expertise with the peasants in different regions of the country.

Ka Eduardo Serrano was a peace consultant covered by the safety and immunity guarantees under the Joint Agreement on Safety and Immunity Guarantees (JASIG). He was consulted by NDFP Negotiating Panel Member Fidel Agcaoili in 2004. Shortly after that consultation, he was arrested. The JASIG was forged by the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) and the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) in 1995.

However, the GRP under Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and the current Aquino regime have illegally denied him the safety and immunity guaranteed by the JASIG and detained him for a total of almost 12 years.

He struggled valiantly against his illegal detention. Assisted by his dedicated lawyers of the Public Interest Law Center (PILC) and the National Union of People’s Lawyers (NUPL), he won the dismissal of trumped up charges in two criminal cases filed against him. He was in the process of securing the dismissal of two other cases filed against him, when he suffered a heart attack on December 16, 2015. Still another heart attack on January 8, 2016 caused his untimely death.

During his many years of illegal detention, he maintained his revolutonary spirit. He kept uplifting the spirit of his family. He creatively made oregame for grandchildren and nephews and gave these also to kasama. He wrote poems to honor comrades who died. He cross-stitched in beautiful colors a piece of cloth with the word “freedom” in different languages, which was deeply appreciated by international friends. He wrote to his classmates at the University of the Philippines – Los Banos (UPLB) and communicated with solidarity friends abroad.

Everytime we in the NDFP Negotiating Panel visited him, he impressed us with his revolutionary optimism and conviction in the future of the Philippine liberation struggle. He was always a cheerful and caring kasama.

No wonder therefore that during his court hearings, numerous supporters from the provinces came to show support for him. When he was confined in hospital after his heart attack last month, friends and comrades came. They held protest actions in front of the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP) and the Department of Justice (DOJ), demanding his immediate release.

In stark contrast to Ka Eduardo Serrano’s caring spirit, the Aquino regime has been heartless. The NDFP Negotiating Panel’s strong proposal for the release of Ka Eduardo Serrano so that he could recuperate at home in the care of his family was ignored by the Aquino regime. Calls for his release and not be brought back to the harsh conditions of prison fell on deaf ears. At the hospital, four fully armed soldiers were put on guard just outside the Intensive Care Unit. At a later time, one of the soldiers even stayed inside the ICU.

The NDFP Executive Committee and Negotiating Panel render the highest tribute to Ka Eduardo Serrano as a revolutionary martyr and hero of the people. May his revolutionary spirit be a lasting source of inspiration and strength to all who fight and struggle for freedom, independence, and a just and lasting peace in our country.

Mabuhay and rebolusyonaryong diwa ni Ka Eduardo Serrano!
Mabuhay ang rebolusyong Pilipino!
Mabuhay ang Sambayanang Pilipino!

Member, NDFP National Executive Committee
Chairperson, NDFP Negotiating Panel

Kamtin ang malalaking pagsulong sa darating na taon


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