Continuing Fight for Freedom, Justice, Social Causes, Peace and against Continuing Fascism

The 30th anniversary of the February 25, 1986 EDSA people power uprising against the Marcos outright fascist dictatorship takes place, on the one hand, in the midst of the continuing advance of the people’s struggles and, on the other hand, in the face of increasing blatant — as well as disguised — fascism. This, under the prevailing neocolonial socio-economic-political system that serves principally the richest and most powerful in the country and their imperialist masters.

Out-and-out fascist rule has been dismantled but in many ways, much of the same oppressive and exploitative system has remained intact and continues to intensify — buttressed by fascistic measures that are veiled by pseudo-democratic rhetoric.

Just yesterday, fascist military and paramilitary forces under the ruling regime sought to burn down the United Church of Christ of the Philippines’ Haran Compound in Davao City, where hundreds of Lumad refugees from fascist attacks in their communities have long been sheltered since the massive driving away of Lumad people from their ancestral lands. Five Lumad refugees, including two children were injured in the conflagration. This latest act of fascism against the Lumad has followed the series of burning down of Lumad schools, cooperatives, homes and entire communities, the vicious hunting down and killing of Lumad leaders and educators, and other fascist acts against the Lumad and other people insistent on fighting for their rights and the rights of others like them.

Among those who have also been continuing to suffer fascism under present pseudo-democratic facade are hundreds of political prisoners. The present regime of Benigno S. Aquino III, inheritor of the post-EDSA People Power regime of his mother, Cory Aquino, keeps on denying that there are political prisoners in the country. Yet, there are presently more than 500 of us, individually documented political prisoners in the country — about twice the number the present regime has inherited from the earlier regime of Gloria Arroyo. And our numbers have been increasing, instead of decreasing.

It is because of our continuing fight for freedom, for justice, for social causes (especially in the interest of the poor, the deprived and the oppressed), for peace and against continuing fascism, that we have become victims of political repression. The objective of those in power is to suppress us and separate us from the oppressed and exploited masses by keeping us in heavily guarded stockades and behind iron bars.

We, political prisoners, continue to suffer gross violations of justice and human rights. We suffer arbitrary and illegal arrests, trumped-up charges, hardly moving course of justice, poor and repressive prison conditions, and the ruling state and regime’s indifference to all these.

Those of us, who have also gone through imprisonment, torture and other gross violations of justice and human rights during the Marcos martial rule have won court cases, but have not actually attained justice against the Marcoses, for the fascist crimes committed against us.

The Marcoses have, in the meantime, maintained their provincial political bases, have repositioned themselves in various high government positions, including the Senate, and have continued to maintain much of their plundered wealth, especially those kept abroad. Funded by a massive campaign kitty from his parents’ plundered wealth, Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. — the son, and designated successor of the late open fascist dictator — aspires to be just a heartbeat away from the dominant power held then by his father. There is urgent need to keep the Marcoses from again holding the highest reins of power and reinstituting out-and-out fascism.

In the face of all these, the people’s fight for freedom, for justice, for social causes (especially in the interest of the poor, the exploited and the oppressed), for peace and against continuing fascism continues to expand and gain ground.

We, who remain in chains and behind prison bars, vow to keep up the fight to the utmost in any way we can … and more so as soon as we regain freedom.

National Democratic Front of the Philippines
Peace Consultants

Adelberto Silva, Alan Jazmines, Ernesto Lorenzo, Loida Magpatoc, Ruben Saluta, Tirso Alcantara
and other political prisoners detained in Camp Bagong Diwa
February 25, 2016

NPA-NEMR launches coordinated and synchronized tactical offensives on the 30th anniversary of EDSA

[Bisaya version»]

Since the massacre of September 1, 2015 at Han-ayan Lianga, Surigao del Sur until present, the AFP has launched continuous, intensifying and widespread attacks in NEMR against the revolutionary movement and the people. Several activists, leaders and civilians were killed, houses and schools burned, hundreds of thousands forcibly evacuated and other human rights violations inflicted.

The AFP has mobilized a huge number of forces including 8 AFP battalions and 2 PNP maneuver battalions, along with CAFGU and paramilitary groups such as the Magahat and many others. Psywar operations under the guise of COPD and other forms of harassment and threat are widespread.

Thus, the NPA-NEMR has launched a coordinated and synchronized attacks today, February 25, against AFP, PNP and CAFGU camps and against AFP operating troops in the countryside.

Based on initial reports from the various commands of NPA units in the entire region, the following incidents of attack as of today against military targets are:

  1. Army-Cafgu detachment in San Pedro, Lianga, Surigao del Sur – 1:19 AM
  2. Army- Cafgu detachment in Panaytay, Bayugan, Agusan del Sur – 5:00 AM
  3. 26th IB troops conducting combat operations and COPD in Imelda, Bunawan, Agusan del Sur – 5:00AM
  4. Army-SCAA detachment in JCA Compound, Bayugan, Agusan del Sur – 5:30AM
  5. Army-SCAA detachment in JCA Compound, Bayugan, Agusan del Sur – 6:00AM
  6. Army-Cafgu detachment in Ugoban, Tagbina, Surigao del Sur – 6:19AM
  7. Army-Cafgu detachment in Sityo Kusip, Bayugan 3, Rosario, Agusan del Sur – 6:44 AM
  8. Army-Cafgu detachment in Brgy. Tagasaka, Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur
  9. Army-Cafgu detachment in Villa Undayon, Bayugan, Agusan del Sur
  10. Army-Cafgu detachment in Mt Carmel, Bayugan, Agusan del Sur
  11. Army-Cafgu detachment in Bunyasan, Malimono, Surigao del Norte – 12:00 midnight
  12. Army-Cafgu detachment in Tagbayani, Sison, Surigao del Norte – 12:05 AM
  13. Army-Cafgu detachment in Cabongbongan, Surigao City, Surigao del Norte – 12:06 AM
  14. Army-Cafgu detachment in Mayag, Mainit, Surigao del Norte – 12:10 AM
  15. Alpha Company 29th IB headquarters in Bangonay, Jabonga, Agusan del Norte, 4:07 AM
  16. Alpha coy 29th IB outpost in Bangonay, Jabonga, Agusan del Norte
  17. Army-Cafgu detachment in Bunyasan, Malimono, Surigao del Norte – 10:00 AM
  18. Army-Cafgu detachment in Tagbayani, Sison, Surigao del Norte – 5:00 AM
  19. The illegal sawmill in Bangonay, Jabonga, Agusan del Norte owned by a policeman named Perang was destroyed as a Punitive action for violating the revolutionary government’s environmental policies – 4:30AM

More details on the results of the tactical offensives and other related developments will be released.

These synchronized NPA attacks are launched underscoring its significance during the EDSA I celebrations because while the US-Aquino III regimes boasts of its ‘peaceful revolution’, it is currently waging its brutal military attacks in the countryside. These NPA tactical offensives show that armed revolution is imperative, because the so-called ‘peaceful people power revolution’ of EDSA was not able to provide for genuine solutions to the basic problems of the Filipino people. Thirty years after EDSA, the big bourgeois comprador, big landlords, their US imperialist master and the political dynasties are still in power and monopolizing the nation’s economy. Thus, the national democratic revolution remains to be the only solution.

Ka Maria Malaya


Pebrero 25, 2016


Sukad sa masaker niadtong Septyembre 1, 2015 sa Han-ayan, Lianga, Surigao del Sur hangtud karon walay hunong ug mas nagkakusog ug kaylap ang atake nga gihimo sa AFP sa NEMR batok sa rebolusyonaryong kalihukan ug sa katawhan. Daghang gipangpatay nga mga aktibista, lider ug mga sibilyan, gipangsunog nga mga balay ug eskwelahan, ug dinaghang pagbakwit ug uban pang mga kalapasan sa tawhanong katungod.

Migamit ang AFP og daghang pwersa nga mokabat sa 8 ka batalyon sa army ug 2 ka pangmaniobrang batalyon sa PNP, wala pay labot ang mga CAFGU ug mga paramilitar sama sa Magahat ug uban pa. Kaylap ang mga saywar nga operasyon sa nagtakuban nga COPD, panghulga ug uban pa.

Busa naglunsad ang BHB-NEMR sa koordinado ug dungan-dungan nga mga atake karong adlawa, Pebrero 25, sa mga kampo ug mga nanulong nga mga tropa sa AFP sa kabukiran.

Subay sa pasiunang mga report gikan sa mga komand sa yunit sa BHB sa tibuok rehiyon, kini ang mosunod nga mga insidente sa atake karon lang nga adlaw batok sa:

  1. Army-Cafgu detachment sa San Pedro, Lianga, Surigao del Sur – 1:19 sa kaadlawon
  2. Army- Cafgu detachment sa Panaytay, Bayugan, Agusan del Sur – 5:00 sa buntag
  3. Nag-operasyon ug nag-COPD nga tropa sa 26th IB sa Imelda, Bunawan, Agusan del Sur – 5:00 sa buntag
  4. Army-SCAA detachment sa JCA Compound, Bayugan, Agusan del Sur – 5:30 sa buntag
  5. Army-SCAA detachment sa JCA Compound , Bayugan, Agusan del Sur – 6:00 sa buntag
  6. Army-Cafgu detachment sa Ugoban, Tagbina, Surigao del Sur – 6:19 sa buntag
  7. Army-Cafgu detachment sa Sityo Kusip, Bayugan 3, Rosario, Agusan del Sur – 6:44 sa buntag
  8. Army-Cafgu detachment sa Brgy. Tagasaka, Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur
  9. Army-Cafgu detachment sa Villa Undayon, Bayugan, Agusan del Sur
  10. Army-Cafgu detachment sa Mt Carmel, Bayugan, Agusan del Sur
  11. Army-Cafgu detachment sa Bunyasan, Malimono, Surigao del Norte – 12:00 sa tungang gabii
  12. Army-Cafgu detachment sa Tagbayani, Sison, Surigao del Norte – 12:05 sa kaadlawon
  13. Army-Cafgu detachment sa Cabongbongan, Surigao City, Surigao del Norte – 12:06 sa kaadlawon
  14. Army-Cafgu detachment sa Mayag, Mainit, Surigao del Norte – 12:10 sa kaadlawon
  15. Alpha Company 29th IB headquarters sa Bangonay, Jabonga, Agusan del Norte, 4:07 sa buntag
  16. Alpha coy 29th IB outpost sa Bangonay, Jabonga, Agusan del Norte
  17. Army-Cafgu detachment sa Bunyasan, Malimono, Surigao del Norte- 10:00 buntag
  18. Army-Cafgu detachment sa Tagbayani, Sison, Surigao del Norte ñ 5:00 sa buntag
  19. Giguba usab ang Illegal sawmill nga gipanag-iyahan sa polis nga si Perang sa Bangonay, Jabonga, Agusan del Norte – 4:30 sa buntag

Mohatag ra kami og dugang report sa mga detalye ug sa dugang mga insidente.

Kining dungan-dungan nga atake makahuluganon nga giatol sa selebrasyon sa EDSA kay samtang ang rehimeng US-Aquino nagpasiatab sa ‘malinawong rebolusyon’ nagalunsad kini og bangis nga atake-militar sa kabukiran. Paghatag usab kini og mensahe sa kamahinungdanon sa armadong pakigbisog, tungod kay ang giingong ‘malinawong People Power Revolution’ sa EDSA wala makahatag og tiunay nga kasulbaran sa mga batakang problema sa katawhang Pilipino. Treynta ka tuig human sa EDSA, ang burgesyang kumprador, agalong yutaan, imperyalista ug mga dinastiya pa gihapon ang anaa sa gahum ug nagmonopolyo sa ekonomiya sa nasud. Busa nasudnong demokratikong rebolusyon pa gihapon ang bugtong kasulbaran.

Ka Maria Malaya


The NDFP- Mindanao joins the nation in celebrating the heroism of Filipinos who, 30 years ago in 1986, trooped to EDSA in an uprising that overthrew a dictator and ended Martial Law. This people’s uprising was the result of almost two decades of sacrifice and struggle against the fascist dictatorship.

The huge popular mass action that stopped Marcos’ tanks and forced him to flee, assured for Corazon Aquino the presidency, and for erstwhile Marcos men Ramos and Enrile, a share in state power. The people then held high expectations of Mrs. Aquino’s government, which for its part promised sweeping reforms, such as ending fascist repression, judicial reforms, agrarian reform, economic recovery and putting a stop to graft and corruption.

By 1987, however, the real character of Mrs. Aquino’s government was unmasked when, in a protest march demanding genuine agrarian reform, 13 peasants died and scores were wounded in the bloody Mendiola massacre, targeting the very forces, the toiling masses and the middle social strata, who catapulted it to power. Mrs. Aquino later went on to unleash her brutal Total War Policy.

The Filipino people became disillusioned as, one by one, Mrs. Aquino’s regime reneged on its promises. CARP failed to resolve pervasive landlessness and only led to the reconcentration of land to big landlords, leaving millions of farmers deprived. Cory promised to make galunggong cheaper, but in fact became so expensive over time that it has become a luxury for the poor. Basically, she continued the Marcos legacy of subservience to imperialist economic policies imposed by the IMF-WB. The 1987 Cory Constitution that supposedly embodies the gains of EDSA was subsequently undermined with compromises made one after the other with foreign and local big business.

Evidently, EDSA I only took the nation as far as passing power onto the other faction of big bourgeois and landlord rulers – from the Marcos family to the big landlord Cojuangco-Aquino clan disguised under the cloak of democracy — while the people who truly took the brunt of overthrowing a fascist dictator were left powerless and impoverished. Even after Corazon Aquino, the regimes that followed – from Ramos to the current reign of Aquino III – only bastardized the legacy of the EDSA uprising.

The fascist repression of Martial rule, which caused the people to take to the streets at EDSA, continued essentially with Aquino’s and Ramos’s Oplan Lambat-Bitag 1, 2 & 3, Estrada’s Oplan Makabayan, Arroyo’s Oplan Bantay Laya 1 & 2, and currently, Aquino III’s Oplan Bayanihan. Presently, the US-Aquino III regime is launching the most intensified fascist repression in the last phase of the OPB through massive military campaigns in both NPA and Moro areas, especially in Mindanao where it deployed 67 out of 113 AFP battalions nationwide. This has resulted to heightened extra-judicial killings, forced evacuation of hundreds of thousands, and other forms of human rights violations.

Thirty years after, consistent with his predecessors, Aquino III continues to implement anti-people policies: high-level corruption through the DAP and PDAF; reviving the establishment of US bases in the country through EDCA; the complete sell-out of patrimony through EO 79 and other such policies that allow multinational mining to plunder natural resources and ravage the environment; and giant agribusiness that grab arable land from peasants and national minorities; the sabotage of land reform that resulted in the reconcentration of land; building heavy-pollutant and dirty energy coal-fired power plants to resolve the country’s energy problems and allowing coal mining to flourish; and continuing to deny the genuine right to self-determination of the Moro people.

Three decades after EDSA I, evidently, the socio-political climate has turned from bad to worse as these anti-people policies are foisted upon a people who continue to reel from decades of depravity and destitution. Thus, the relevance and lessons of EDSA I ever more ring true, and that is, in order to truly rid ourselves of the tyranny of the ruling elite, as represented by the power-monopolizing families of the Cojuangcos, Aquinos, Marcoses, Roxases, etc., we must wage a revolutionary armed struggle, one that emanates across the archipelago from the vast countryside that surround their seat of power in the cities.

History has adjudged: EDSA is not enough. For the people to effectively wrest state power from the hands of these ruling families, it is imperative to raise the struggle to a national-democratic revolution, an armed upheaval that is led and waged by the workers and the peasantry, in unity with the middle strata of our society, with the aim of establishing a true people’s government free from the control and machinations of the big bourgeois comprador and big landlords and their US imperialist master.

On the 30th year of EDSA I, the Filipino people can only look forward to the advance of the national democratic revolution to once and for all win for us a society that upholds true peace, justice and equality.

(Sgd) Ka Oris
February 25, 2016

Candidates must abide by the policies of the revolutionary government

[Bisaya version»]

The revolutionary movement do not consider the reactionary elections as solution to the basic problems of the Filipino people because the present election process in the Philippines is controlled by individuals and political dynasties of big bourgeois compradors and big land lord class strongly influenced by the imperialist US. The bourgeois elections in the country can never be a path towards obtaining real power by the exploited and oppressed.

However, based on present existing political conditions, the NDFP has taken into account the need of candidates to campaign within the territories of the revolutionary movement, for as long as they abide by the policies it has set.

One of the policies pertains to the carrying of firearms and bringing armed security escorts inside the territory.

1. Before entering the area, candidates have to coordinate with concerned units of the NPA. In the absence of coordination, they may be searched, dis-armed and forbidden from entering the area.

2. Their armed security escorts should not be many as to harass the people. They are only allowed to carry 5 high caliber or high power rifles (HPR) while the others will have to carry pistols. If the number of HPRs exceed this number, the NPA will confiscate the extra firearms. If escorted by army units or in a convoy with army troops, they may become targets for attack by NPA units.

3. Counter-revolutionary activities are strongly prohibited inside the area such as intelligence gathering and besmirching or spreading intrigues against the revolutionary movement and spreading violence or threats against voters or opposing candidates/party.

4. Persons who had committed serious crimes against the people and the revolutionary movement are strongly prohibited from accompanying the candidates.

5. If the candidate’s group are stopped at an NPA checkpoint, they are called upon to refrain from showing any sign of resistance to avoid firefights. We can guarantee your safety as long as you abide by the policies set.

We call on all candidates to abide by these policies so your access and activities in areas will not be disrupted. The NPA will take appropriate action against candidates who violate these and their armed escorts will become targets for military actions.

The regional command of the NPA-NEMR directs all units under its command to strictly implement these policies. On the other hand, all NPA units are also reminded that in the implementation of these policies, they should strictly adhere to the respect for human rights of concerned individuals and groups, along with ensuring to avoid unnecessary fire fight with the concerned.

Ka Maria Malaya


Pebrero 21, 2016


Ang rebolusyonaryong kalihokan wala nagaila sa reaksyonaryong eleksyon nga
makasulbad sa mga batakang suliran sa katawhang Pilipino tungod kay ang proseso sa eleksyon sa Pilipinas karon kontrolado sa mga indibidwal ug dinastiya sa mga pulitiko nga gikan sa hut-ong sa dagkung burgesyang kumprador ug dagkung agalong yutaan ug hugot ang impluwensya sa imperyalismong US. Dili mahimong dalan sa pagtunhay sa tinuod nga gahum sa katawhang pinahimuslan ug dinaugdaug ang burgis nga eleksyon sa atong nasud.

Apan subay sa kasamtangang nagatunhay nga pulitikanhong kahimtang, ginakonsidera sa NDFP ang panginahanglan sa mga kandidato nga mangampanya sulod sa mga teritoryo sa rebolusyonaryong kalihukan, ubos sa kondisyon nga mosubay sila sa mga palisiya nga
ginatakda niini.

Usa sa mga palisiya mao ang mahitungod sa pagdala og armas ug armadong security escorts sulod sa teritoryo.

1. Sa dili pa mosulod sa erya, ang mga kandidato kinahanglan makigkoordina sa mga hingtungdang yunit sa BHB. Kung wala silay koordinasyon, mahimong mapailalom sila sa mga pagrekisa, pagdis-arma ug paghikaw kanila nga mosulod sa erya.

2. Ang kuyogon nga armadong security escorts kinahanglan dili sobra kadaghan nga makahasi na sa katawhan. Taman sa 5 ka tag-as nga pusil lang o High Power Rifle (HPR) lang ang pwedeng dalhon ug ang uban mga pistola na. Kung mosobra niini nga ihap sa HPR, kumpiskahon sa BHB ang sobra. Kung magpa-eskort ug mga yunit sa army o magconvoy uban sa tropa sa army, mahimong target kini sa pag-ataki sa mga yunit sa BHB.

3. Hugot nga ginadili ang paghimo og mga kontra-rebolusyonaryong aktibidad sulod sa erya sama sa pagpaniktik ug pagdaut o pang-intriga batok sa rebolusyonaryong kalihukan ug pagsabwag og kabangis o panghulga sa mga botante o kaatbang nga kandidato/partido.

4. Hugot nga ginadili usab ang pagpakuyog sa mga tawo nga may bug-at nga krimen batok sa katawhan ug sa rebolusyonaryong kalihukan.

5. Kung pahunongon ang pundok sa mga kandidato sa tsekpoint sa NPA, gi-awhag kamo nga dili magpakita og pagsukol aron malikayan nga magkapinusilay. Igarantiya namo nga luwas ang inyong kahimtang sa seguridad kung motuman kamo sa mga palisiya nga nalatid.

Ginaawhag ang tanan nga mga kandidato nga mosubay niining mga palisiya aron
mahimong hapsay ug luwas ang ilang pagsulod ug pagpahigayon og mga aktibidad sa erya. Ang mga molapas mahimong mapahamtangan og tukmang lakang sa BHB ug ang ilang mga armadong escorts mahimong target sa mga aksyong militar.

Ang pangrehiyon nga kumand sa BHB-NEMR nagamando sa tanang mga yunit ubos sa iyang kumand nga hugot ipatuman kini nga mga palisiya. Sa pikas bahin, gipahinumdoman usab ang tanang mga yunit sa BHB nga sa pagpatuman niini nga palisiya hugot nga huptan ang pagtamod sa tawhanong katungod sa mga hingtungdang indibidwal ug pundok, uban ang hugot nga pag-amping nga malikayan ang dili gikinahanglang armadong panagsangka tali sa mga hintungdan.

Ka Maria Malaya

Revolution! Not elections!

As the din of the campaign for the 2016 elections shifts into high gear, the Party and all national-democratic forces should further expose the bogus and empty reactionary elections in order to unceasingly arouse the Filipino people to persevere with their mass struggles, strengthen their organized strength and take the path of revolutionary struggle.

Aquino regime has never shown interest in a peace agreement with the NDFP

The Aquino regime is responsible for destroying its own credibility in peace negotiations with the NDFP by flagrantly disrespecting and violating existing agreements. As well pointed out by Rep. Silvestre Bello III, former GRP Negotiating Panel Chairman, the NDFP cannot have trust in a government that refuses to respect and comply with agreements it has signed.

The NDFP condemns GPH President Beneigno Aquino III, OPAPP Secretary Teresita Deles and GPH Negotiating Panel Chairperson Alexander Padiilla for their lack of respect for the binding peace agreements with the NDFP. In 2011, Secretary Deles and Atty. Padilla called The Hague Joint Declaration of 1992, the framework agreement of the GRP-NDFP peace negotiations “a document of perpetual division”.

Are Aquino, Deles and Padilla, together with General Bautista and the Armed Forces of the Phlippines (AFP) more interested in carrying out Oplan Bayanihan with the aim of rendering the New People’s Army inconsequential? This was the aim for 2013. But it failed miserably. The aim is for militarization and the surrender of the CPP, NPA and NDFP. But that would be the peace of the cemetery, not peace based on justice, peace through addressing the roots of the armed conflict.

Peace agreements on safety and immunity of all participants of both Parties involved in the peace negotiations (JASIG) and human rights and international humanitarian law (CARHRIHL) involve solemn mutual obligations, forged meticulously by both Parties.

Any administration that wishes to engage in peace negotiations with the NDFP must respect past binding peace agreements and commit itself to respect and comply with the obligations arising from such agreements.

The agreements for peace, a just and lasting peace, must be respected. The Filipino people aspire for and demand such respect and compliance, even as they condemn the military agreements with the US that trample on national sovereignty and genuine independence of the country and people.

Luis G. Jalandoni
Chairperson, NDFP Negotiating Panel

The Facts Contradict Lacierda’s False Claim

by Luis G. Jalandoni
Chairperson, NDFP Negotiating Panel

The Aquino regime’s spokesman, Edwin Lacierda, should check the facts before pronouncing the false claim that “they (the National Democratic Front of the Philippines [NDFP]) refused to come to the table.” Following the successful attack of the New People’s Army in Cagayan causing casualties among legitimate military targets, 6 killed and 8 seriously wounded, Lacierda was asked if the Aquino government was interested in holding peace negotiations with the revolutionary movement represented by the NDFP. His answer, in contradiction to the facts, tries to put the blame on the revolutionary movement.

The facts are: 1) in October, December 2014 and February 2015, the NDFP Negotiating Panel received a delegation from the Aquino regime which was led by former DAR Secretary, Hernani Braganza, close associate of then DILG Secretary Mar Roxas. 2) On December 8, 2014, a Draft Peace Agreement was signed by both sides, authenticated by Royal Norwegian Government Special Envoy, Ms. Elisabeth Slattum, proposing truce and cooperation within the term of the Aquino government. 3) On February 18, 19 and 20, 2015, the team of Mr. Braganza returned and a proposal for truce and cooperation was drafted by both sides to be presented to the Aquino regime, then beleaguered with the Mamasapano fiasco

These efforts were rebuffed and set aside by OPAPP Secretary Teresita Deles and not acted on by GPH President Aquino. The Braganza team was disauthorized. The combined peace initiatives of the Braganza team, the NDFP Negotiating Panel and the Royal Norwegian Government Special Envoy thus have come to naught. The responsibility lies squarely on Secretary Deles and President Aquino. #

The NPA checkpoint in Agusan del Sur, serves as warning to policians

Last February 9, 2015, in time for the start of the campaign period for national candidates, a unit of the NPA-Front 21 set up a checkpoint in the national highway in Purok 2, Mabuhay, Bayugan City, Agusan del Sur at around 6:00 in the morning. Vehicles were stopped for more than 10 minutes in the Davao-Butuan national highway. More or less 25 vehicles were prevented from passing through.

The checkpoint was set up to serve as warning to politicians who have started campaigning for the reactionary elections, a reminder for them to abide by the policies of the revolutionary movement within its area. These revolutionary policies relating to the elections have long been enforced, and so the violation of these will surely derail the campaign of politicians/candidates or prevent them from campaigning.

The following are a few of the policies related to campaign activities of candidates within the revolutionary territory:

1. The revolutionary movement forbids candidates from bringing firearms while campaigning so as not to harass the people;
2. Candidates are forbidden to be escorted by AFP forces to avoid being caught in the crossfire as the NPA might launch tactical offensives against them;
3. Candidates that will campaign should obtain permission from the concerned NPA unit before entering the barrios so you will not be barred;
4. If for any justified reason a candidate would have to have armed PNP escorts, he should coordinate with the concerned NPA unit.

The Regional Operational Command (ROC) of the NPA-NEMR commands all units of the Red Fighters to implement appropriate action against candidates who will violate the revolutionary policies.

Based on this, we encourage all supporters of candidates and the masses to remind politicians about the revolutionary policies imposed on campaigning if they will enter your areas so they will not be disrupted.

The AFP spokesperson maliciously announced that Red Fighters confiscated the personal belongings of one retired Master Sergeant of the AFP during the checkpoint. The AFP declared this to besmirch the NPA. Not a single belonging have been taken by the NPA in said incident.

NPA forces strictly adhere to the Three Main Rules of Discipline and Eight Points for Attention. Disciplinary action is enforced on anybody who violate these. The following are the Rules of Discipline of the NPA:

A. The Three Main Rules of Discipline are:
1. Obey orders in all your actions;
2. Don’t take a single needle or piece of thread from the masses;
3. Turn in everything captured.

B. The Eight Points for Attention:
1. Speak politely;
2. Pay fairly for what you buy;
3. Return everything you borrow;
4. Pay for anything you damage;
5. Don’t hit or swear at people;
6. Don’t damage crops of the people;
7. Don’t take liberties with women;
8. Don’t ill-treat captives.

We should always remember that the bourgeois elections is a circus of power grabbing within the ruling class. It is deceitful, full of promises to alleviate the conditions of the people, fosters vote-buying, dishonest in the counting of ballots and uses firearms to win. It is not the solution to the abject poverty of the Filipino people. It is but a show happening every three years.

Ka Maria Malaya

Aircrafts of toxic aerial spray will be gunned down by the NPA if they do not stop

NDFP-NEMR strongly warns the owners of large banana plantations in Caraga to stop the use of aerial spray (aerial spray aircrafts) because of the damage it causes to the workers, residents and the environment. Contractors and pilots of these aircrafts are also warned. If they will not stop, the NPA will shoot down the aircrafts.

Currently, 2 big capitalist companies in Caraga have been using aerial spray for banana – Sumitumo Fruits (SumiFru) in Tagbina, Surigao del Sur and Del Monte-Philippines in Cabadbaran and Tubay, Agusan del Norte. They have been warned by the NDFP-NEMR last December 2015, but they continued to use this, not considering the damage it causes to the surrounding people, plants and animals.

Thousands of families are living on the peripheries of SumiFru and Del Monte plantations. Many of them acquired lung and skin diseases because of the chemicals that they cannot help but breath and get on their skins every aerial spraying. The plants that have been included in the spraying like coconut trees, banana and fruit trees, are dying and no longer bearing fruit. Sources of water for bathing and drinking water for animals have become hazardous to use because it is contaminated with toxic chemicals.

Aerial sprays have been totally banned in other places like Davao because of the strong opposition of the people especially the victims and environmental groups. The toxic effects of aerial spray has been proven by scientific researches. However, the puppet and corrupt US-Aquino regime and its local burucrats continue to allow these and the AFP, PNP are using paramilitaries to defend the companies, in exchange for the bribes from the capitalists.

We call on the pilots of the aerial-spray aircrafts to stop and look for other jobs. Even if they are not the targets of the shooting, they are at risk to be hit by the bullets.

We call on the mass media, the masses and other sectors upholding the interests of the people and the environment, to help in spreading this warning to the concerned.

Ka Maria Malaya

Ibunsod ang bagong daluyong ng mga protesta

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