50th anniversary of the CPP: Celebrate with pride! Further advance the national democratic revolution!

Message of the NDFP-NEMR on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the CPP

December 26, 2018

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines-North Eastern Mindanao Region (NDFP-NEMR) salute and commends the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), guided by Marxism-Leninism-Maoism (MLM), for its outstanding leadership of the Philippine revolution. Let us celebrate with pride the 50th anniversary of the re-establishment of the CPP this December 26, 2018 amidst the relentless attacks of the fascist US-Duterte regime. Let us commemorate this day with fervor through different activities encapsulating the victories achieved throughout the 50 years of constant advance of the revolution.    

Let us also render our highest salute to the revolutionary martyrs who valiantly offered their lives to advance the National Democratic Revolution. Their revolutionary contributions are living lessons and inspiration for revolutionaries and the people in the enduring struggle to achieve a just, democratic and free society, enjoying sustainable peace.

Through the correct leadership of the CPP, the revolutionary movement in the region never wavered amidst the ruthless brutality of the military and psychological campaigns and attacks of the fascist AFP/PNP. The revolutionary forces in the region effectively fought and defeated these attacks.  The enemy failed to stop the people from strongly uniting to advance their democratic rights and demands by launching different forms of struggle.   

It is clear to the people in the region that the US-Duterte regime is no different from previous regimes. Its economic and political policies and programs favor the interests of the imperialists, big comprador bourgeoisie, landlords and bureaucrat capitalists while majority of the people suffer in dire poverty.

The regime implements the TRAIN Law and other neoliberal policies that resulted to the grave poverty of the people. Price increases of basic commodities and services in the region are relentless.  The minimum wage of workers in Caraga is fixed at P305.00, in fact many receive lower wages especially workers, regular or contractual, in factories, mines, plantations, construction, security agencies, malls and others. This is greatly inadequate for the P1,175.00 daily expenses needed by a six member family to live decently.

The farmers’ problem of having no land or lack of land to till in the region remains. Of the more than 100,000 families of coconut farmers, almost 5,000 families own only a half to 11 hectares of land. This means that more than 90,000 families of coconut farmers have no or lack land to till. Majority also of rice farmers do not own the land they till and are renting land to earn a living.

The farmers continue to suffer from high land rent. For example, in coconut farming, the 40-60 and 50-50 sharing scheme with expenses shouldered by the tenants in favor of the landlord and in the rice farms, the 12-25 sacks of rice as land rent for a hectare of land, still exist. Rentals of agricultural equipment, farm expenses and loan interests remain high. Meanwhile, prices of their products remain low such as copra at P10.00-P16.00 a kilo and rice grains at P16.00-P18.00 a kilo. 

There are no salary increases for teachers, government employees and service workers. The US-Duterte regime chose to implement the 100% salary increase of soldiers and the police. Those who rank PO1 for the police and Pfc. for the AFP, receive at the minimum, P30,000.00 monthly salary, with their officials getting more. Duterte implemented this to secure their blind loyalty and realize his ambitions for dictatorial rule. 

In effect, the AFP/PNP implements the tyrannical and brutal campaigns of the US-Duterte regime against the revolutionary forces and the people, such as the total war under Oplan Kapayapaan, martial law in Mindanao and Oplan Tokhang. These resulted to the unrelenting violations of human rights of the people. 

Since the first month of the year 2018, the AFP launched massive and sustained military operations against the revolutionary movement in NEMR. It is consistent to his illusion of annihilating the NPA at the end of the year.  It used combat equipment such as the 105 howitzer, attack helicopters and bomber planes, supported by surveillance drones. It bombs areas near communities and farms targeted for expansion by imperialist plantations and mines. 

Alongside these, they launch widespread community support program/community organizing for peace and development (CSP/COPD) and forcibly establish CAA detachments of the AFP/PNP in communities in the countryside to destroy the unity of the people and suppress its residents. They effected numerous surrenders of civilians they accused as members of the NPA and the people’s militia. They also initiate anti-social activities such as penile implants, illegal drugs and others. The enemy spreads fake and poisonous news against the revolutionary movement and progressive and legitimate people’s organizations.

Amidst all these, the revolutionary movement in the region continue to advance. The AFP/PNP and US-Duterte failed to defeat the NPA in 2018. Instead, the NPA-NEMR was able to launch more than 200 tactical offensives and confiscated several firearms from the enemy. Just this December, Red fighters attacked and without firing a single shot, controlled the patrol base of the 3rd Special Forces (SF) in New Tubigon, Sibagat, Agusan del Sur and confiscated 24 high caliber firearms. Twelve (12) CAFGU members and two (2) SF cadremen are currently prisoners of war (POW).

The NPA continue to enjoy high prestige and widespread support from the people. The thousands of farmers and Lumad will never forget how they benefitted from the implementation of agrarian revolution and social services rendered by the NPA. Because of this, thousands of families of farmers and Lumad continue to till the land distributed for free and regained the ancestral lands seized by logging companies such as Roa, PICOP, Sudecor-Puyat, Lianga Bay and others. In the past they were deprived of land to till and to earn a living inside the hundreds of thousands of hectares of logging concessions and suffered from grave brutal abuse from the armed forces of these companies.  

Wages of farm workers increased in the countryside from P150.00 to P300.00 with free meals and P450.00 without free meals. Land rent decreased to 75-25 in favor of farmers, with expenses deducted. Interest rates of loans decreased to P200.00 for every P1,000.00 loan in a single cropping and others. The revolutionary organizations implement the program of improving production for direct consumption through cooperatives. 

On the other hand, the enemy failed to deprive the people of their initiative to launch mass actions in the cities and countryside. Protests were launched against destructive mines and plantations, forcible establishment of detachments, militarization, martial law in Mindanao price increase of basic commodities and others. The people were shaped by anti-fascist, anti-feudal and anti-imperialist struggles.  

Mass bases continue to expand and consolidate, especially in the strategic areas in the region. Not a single guerilla front was destroyed and the coordination and support of each front remain strong. The people’s unity with the revolutionary movement and the NPA continue even in areas enclosed by the enemy. In effect, the suppression and deceit of the enemy failed to prevent the youth in the countryside and the cities from joining the NPA.  

The country’s economic and political crisis will fuel the further advance of the people’s national democratic struggle. The decaying system have no other direction but eventual collapse.  The victories within the 50 years of advance of the Philippine revolution shows the determination and strength it achieved in all fronts. This is a favorable condition for the further advancement of the people’s democratic revolution. 

Thus, the people must persistently promote their democratic rights and demands. We should bravely and fearlessly fight the threats and suppression of the enemy. We will not allow the AFP/PNP to destroy the revolutionary unity of the people in the region.  

Reach the broadest masses in the countryside and cities by arousing, organizing and mobilizing them. Establish relations with patriotic and humanitarian organizations and individuals, including the enlightened soldiers and police. 

Party courses must be studied to sharpen our understanding of the conditions of society and the Philippine revolution. Increase and strengthen the NPA and intensify the people’s war towards higher levels. 

Advance the people’s national democratic struggle! 

Join  the New People’s Army! 

Fervently celebrate the 50th anniversary of the CPP!

Ka Maria Malaya