AFP “Suspension of Offensive Military Operations” is a lie!

By NDFP Bicol Information Office

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines-Bicol denounces the treachery of the Philippine Army’s 9th Infantry Division as it violates its self-declared ceasefire which took effect last 21 December 2013, with offensive military operations still terrorizing the countrysides of Bicol.

At least three provincial commands of the New People’s Army-Bicol reported that as of 24 December 2013, 9th Infantry Division soldiers continue to be deployed in many areas of the People’s Democratic Government in the region.

The Eduardo Olbara Command of the NPA-Camarines Sur conveyed that the 42nd Infantry Battalion’s purported Peace and Development Teams maintain their active posts at barangays (village) Antolon, Patag, and Poloan, in Caramoan town. Albay province’s NPA Santos Binamera Command reported that 2nd Infantry Battalion PDTs likewise keep their stations in barangays Villapaz and Sinagaran, both in Jovellar town; Mamlad in Pio Duran; and Lumacao in Guinobatan.

Meanwhile, from 22-23 December in the province of Sorsogon, combat operations by the 31st Infantry Battalion were also monitored in barangays Marinas and Cabiguhan in Gubat town, as well as in barangays Manhumlad and Balocawe in Matnog.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines’ breach of its own ceasefire declaration reveals its hypocrisy, characteristic of Oplan Bayanihan’s psywar policy. While AFP spokespersons smirk through their propaganda and fall flat at representing the military as champions of peace, the rest of its minions go wild in the countryside, committing grave human rights and international humanitarian law offenses.

AFP’s paramount liar Lt Col Ramon Zagala desperately fails in the defense of military deployment in guerrilla territories within the scope of the AFP’s own ceasefire declaration. His excuse that troop dispositions in NPA territories are “protection from the possible presence of threats” aims to obscure the essentially non-existent Suspension of Offensive Military Operations (SOMO) by the AFP.

Zagala likewise upholds its deception of the people about the nature of their so-called Peace and Development Teams that continue to prowl the countrysides and occupy public structures in flagrant violation of international humanitarian law. These military formations falsely take on a benevolent name, because the opposite is what PDTs bring about in the countrysides. Entrenched in each PDT are combat, psywar, and intelligence operations, and are therefore poised at launching attacks and poisoning the minds of the people.

The NDFP-Bicol echoes the demand of the Communist Party of the Philippines for the AFP to stand down and pull out their troops from territories of the People’s Democratic Government. However, if the AFP persists in counter-revolution and continues to encroach into guerrilla territories, and puts the people and their revolutionary army in clear and forthcoming danger, the revolutionary forces shall likewise abide by the CPP’s directive to act in self-defense so as to deter enemy attacks against the people.


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