ANNEX “A” to The Second Oslo Joint Statement


A. With PGMA Approval For Release In 2001
1. Madera, Pedro Jr.
2. Velasco, Joven
3. Gaytano, Francisco
4. Solangon, Ricardo
5. Alcantara, Alison
6. Banga, Nito
7. Canedo, Rodulfo
8. Seriosa, Sofronio
9. Badion, Basilides

B. Women And Minors
10. Barcenal, Maribel
11. Plagtiosa, Irene
12. Montecalvo, Janeth
13. Lagado (Metran), Lucena
14. Catipay, Daisy
15. Llesis, Zenaida
16.Pegoria, Antonieta

C. Minors
17. Punzilan, Leon
18. Omar, Galo
19. Jammang, Palili
20. Taufic, Moner
21. Bimbas, Abubakar
22. Alay-Ay, Mark Anthony
23. Hubhilla, Alvin
24. Escobar, Michael
25. Tahil, Telesforo
26. Dinaguit, Jonnes

D. Sick And Elderly
27. Dolo, Leonardo
28. Violin, Antonio
29. Hj Amad Upao
30. Dit-ag, Bensoy
31. Yodico, Alfredo
32. Cherreguine, Antonio

GRP will work for the release of the above prisoners and detainees within 30 days starting 5 April 2004.

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