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Aquino, AFP “mission accomplished” show contempt of people

CPP Information Bureau

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) condemns the Aquino regime and its armed forces for its “contemptuous declarations of ‘mission accomplished’ after nearly a month of all-out bombing of several baranggays (village) of Zamboanga City, razing tens of thousands of homes to the ground, displacing hundreds of thousands of residents from their communities, causing them grave hardships and subjecting them to rights abuses.”

The CPP dismissed claims by Aquino’s officials over the weekend that the Armed Forces of the Philippine’s “mission to rescue and ensure the safety of the hostages” has been accomplished. “What ‘safety of hostages’ is the AFP talking about, when it dropped bombs, fired mortars and indiscriminately sprayed bullets even when hundreds of civilians were still inside their communities either as hostages held by the MNLF or ordinary residents caught in the crossfire? What ‘safety of hostages’ when the Aquino regime did not even seek the safe passage of civilians through negotiations?”

“The all-out siege against the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) that has now lasted more than 20 days, is an unnecessary war which the Aquino regime chose to wage against the option of negotiating with the MNLF in order to secure the safety of the hostages and draw the armed MNLF forces out of the city and civilian communities.”

“Clearly, Aquino and the AFP have nothing but contempt of the people when it declared ‘mission accomplished’ when more than a hundred thousand people continue to languish daily in the evacuation centers and prevented from returning to their land,” said the CPP.

“What ‘mission’ is Aquino claiming to have accomplished? Killing more than 150 MNLF forces by fielding a vastly superior force and spending hundreds of millions of pesos in bombs, bullets and mortars, without having even attempted to negotiate with the MNLF for a peaceful resolution of the armed standoff?,” said the CPP.

“The people of Zamboanga and the Filipino people demand that Aquino and the AFP be made responsible for the violations of international humanitarian law, abuses of human rights and the vast destruction in private and public property in the course of waging the all-out armed siege against the MNLF,” added the CPP.

The CPP supports the people of Zamboanga in their demand for an impartial investigation into Aquino’s nearly one month war against the MNLF.


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