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NDFP condemns Duterte for giving Israel’s IDF Nahal Brigade a role in his war against the people

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) strongly condemns the Duterte regime’s having the notorious Israel Defense Forces  (IDF) give a specialized training by the Nahal Brigade of the IDF to 175 elite troops of the Philipine Army. This is despicable collaboration with  Israeli Zionism, longtime partner of US imperialism, in horrendous acts of […]

Comment on report that Cardinal Tagle has agreed to collaborate with the PNP against the revolutionary movement

Because it quotes extensively from PNP chief Albayalde, the news story below, especially its title, tends to make it appear that Cardinal Tagle has agreed to collaborate with the tyrannical Duterte regime in staging sham localized peace talks and in carrying out a campaign of psywar and military suppression against the revolutionary movement of the people.

Duterte is ahead in expressing fear of coup, which is indeed probable due to his crimes

By Jose Maria SisonNDFP Chief Political ConsultantJuly 9, 2019 The invectives frenziedly thrown against me by Duterte’s political, military and troll agents for my observation about the possibility of a US-directed coup against Duterte unwittingly hit Duterte instead of me. Duterte himself has been the one publicly asserting repeatedly that he is in danger of […]