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Duterte is ahead in expressing fear of coup, which is indeed probable due to his crimes

By Jose Maria SisonNDFP Chief Political ConsultantJuly 9, 2019 The invectives frenziedly thrown against me by Duterte’s political, military and troll agents for my observation about the possibility of a US-directed coup against Duterte unwittingly hit Duterte instead of me. Duterte himself has been the one publicly asserting repeatedly that he is in danger of […]

Three years of tyrannical rule is enough!

The Filipino people people have had enough under Duterte’s three-year reign of tyranny and terrorism, mass murder, abuse of military and police powers, dictatorial threats, national treason, subservience to foreign interests, misogyny, lies, threats and intimidation.

Resist together, wage revolution together

I wish to express my solidarity to the Filipino LGBT community and in spirit join the Metro Manila Pride March set for today in Marikina City. I congratulate the organizers for bringing together LGBTs and allies in this march for equality, and against injustice and oppression.