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Napapanahon na gunitain natin ang ating mga bayani at martir dahil dumadalas na naririnig mula sa propaganda ng pamilya at tagasunod ni Marcos na mabuti ang pasistang diktadura. Pati si Presidente Duterte sinasabi niya na martial law ang kailangan para lutasin ang mga problema ng bayan. Dapat palitan ng masang Pilipino ang naghaharing sistema sa pamamagitan ng rebolusyon. Labanan ang pagbabanta ng martial law at diktadura.

Stop the destructive aerial spraying in plantations

We call on the people affected by the operation of these type of plantations to continue and persevere in your demands such as genuine agrarian reform, end to contractualization, bigger wages and more work benefits. Continue to resist land grabbing and the continuing expansion of the destructive imperialist plantations in the towns of Caraga and other regions to preserve the environment and for the good of the people.


On this occasion, we also remember and pay tribute to the tens of thousands of people in Irian Barat who have been killed by Indonesia’s US-backed genocidal campaign, especially the martyrs of the struggle for their country’s self-determination and liberation.

Red fighters launch back-to-back offensives, release POWs, as AFP bombards countryside in Southern Mindanao

As the AFP intensified its war crimes to “flatten the hills” and “drop bombs,” in close proximity to Lumad and peasant communities in Southern Mindanao, New People’s Army units launched tactical offensives against forward-deployed AFP troops, carried out punitive action on an abusive multinational banana exporter, and released prisoners of war.

CPP to declare ceasefire not later than March 31

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today said it is set to issue a unilateral declaration of interim ceasefire not later than March 31 in anticipation and support of the fourth round of peace talks between the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) and the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) set for April 2-6 in The Netherlands.

Red fighters hit Consunji-hired AFP Marines in Sultan Kudarat

The offensive was carried out as a punitive action against the AFP’s elite Marine force that for several years now functioned as paid guard dogs protecting the destructive enterprises of landgrabber bourgeois- comprador David Consunji, especially his open-pit mining David M. Consunji, Inc. (DMCI). The troops were conducting combat operation in Kalamansig against the NPA unit in the area.

On the 49th year commemoration of the Jabidah Massacre

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines ñ Mindanao (NDFP-Mindanao) is one with the struggling Moro people in commemorating the 49th anniversary of the Jabidah Massacre. The Jabidah Massacre incident was the slaughter on March 18, 1968 of 28 to 64 young Moro men recruited for an operation to invade Sabah, Operation Merdeka.

Who are getting the worst end of GRP’s all-out war?

In a recent video released by the NPA Comval-Davao Gulf Sub-Regional Command, Prisoners-of-War CAA Rene Doller and CAA Carl Mark Nucos assert that the Filipino masses, especially the poor Lumad and peasants living in the countryside, are suffering greatly in the face of the AFP’s all-out war against the revolutionary movement.