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On the AFP-reported “ambush” in Surigao

The reports coming from the AFP are highly dubious. The spokesmen of the AFP are weaveing such false reports to deceive the public and disparage the NPA which had earlier unilaterally declared a ceasefire in the areas which were hardest hit by the February 10 earthquake. The AFP wishes to discredit the NPA by making it appear that it is preventing relief operations in the revolutionary areas.

Protest crackdown, “all-out war” against activists and civilians — CPP

Protest crackdown, “all-out war” against activists and civilians–CPP
The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today called on the Filipino people to protest the police and military crackdown after at least 19 individuals, mostly activists as well as civilians, who were arrested in Metro Manila and other parts of the country in a span of just one week since the Duterte regime terminated peace talks and declared an “all-out war” against the revolutionary forces last February 7.

Small miners in Sarog massacred by the 29th IBPA and SAF-PNP

The NPA in Front 16 strongly renounce the statements made by Lt. Col. Glenn Joy, commanding officer of the 29th IBPA and its spokesperson Capt. Angelo Gomez, that they encountered and were fired upon by Red fighters of Front 16 in the mountain area of Sarog, Barangay San Isidro, Santiago, Agusan del Norte last February 11, 2017. One soldier and 2 civilians were reported killed while another 2 were wounded.

Pithing peace

It was the GRP Panel Chair that surprisingly but pleasantly unilaterally announced to the international media in Rome that the GRP will work for the removal of the NDFP’s Chief Political Consultant Prof. Jose Ma. Sison from the US so-called terrorist list so that he could purportedly go home. He also announced in advance to the media that such fact will be placed in the Rome Joint Statement. The GRP never proposed it to be included in the Statement though and nothing of that sort appears therein.

NDFP Renders High Tribute to Jan Beentjes, an Exemplary Comrade

We have very fond memories of Comrade Jan Beentjes, his devotion and determination to pursue the cause of liberation and democracy. We recall his kindness and generosity, his keen and serious mind and his humor. For all these, we love him and feel inspired by him in continuing the tasks we, together with him and other comrades, have set for ourselves to accomplish.