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Condemn the violent dispersal and shooting of peasants in Hacienda Montecarba!

The peasants were unarmed pursuing their rightful ownership of a parcel of land as agrarian beneficiaries and in accordance with the law of the reactionary state. The Tan Estate is a 300-hectare land covering the boundary-villages of Dulangan, in Pilar and Culilang in President Roxas both of Capiz province. The estate is now administered by Fernando Bacanto, the village chief of Barangay Culilang, as the owner, Nemencio Tan, has been deceased few years back.

Revolutionary organization of Filipinos abroad dares Duterte to push peace talks to address roots of armed conflict and forced migration

Compatriots, the underground national democratic revolutionary mass organization of overseas Filipinos and their families, is daring the Duterte government to genuinely address the roots of the armed conflict by pushing forward the peace talks and to proceed with finalizing the Comprehensive Agreement on Socio-Economic Reforms (CASER) with the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP), and reject the militarists and fascists who want the peace talks to fail.

Reject plan to restore ROTC for all-out war

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) calls on the Filipino people, especially the youth, to oppose the plan of the Duterte regime to restore compulsory military training for college level students as this will only be used for “fascist mind-conditioning” and for mobilizing the youth in Duterte’s “all-out war against the people.”

Letter to the Editor: Random thoughts amidst all the din & drone

The advances & gains reached so far, as well as the on & off the table understandings & commitments in the peace negotiations, despite divergences in positions, difficulties & contradictions, & the crucial outstanding issues that may still be resolved anyway over time with mutual determination and principled negotiations, must be made known widely.

On the Notice of Termination of the JASIG Sent on 07 February 2017 by Sec. Jesus Dureza

There is no fair and just reason for the GRP to terminate the JASIG and in effect the GRP-NDFP peace negotiations less than two weeks after the two Negotiating Panels had successfully concluded their third round of talks in Rome, Italy. The 25 January 2017 Rome Joint Statement clearly shows the significant advances made in the substantive agenda of the peace negotiations.