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Response to President Duterte’s call for anti-drug cooperation

In positive response, the CPP reiterates its standing order for the NPA to carry out operations to disarm and arrest the chieftains of the biggest drug syndicates, as well as other criminal syndicates involved in human rights violations and destruction of the environment. The NPA is ready to give battle to those who will resist arrest with armed violence.

Whose mask slips?

Based on a few quotations taken out of context from Jose Maria Sison’s interviews in connection with the peace negotiations between the Government of the Philippines (GPH) and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP), Dem Volke Dienen’s piece “The mask slips” makes the outlandish conclusion that the Philippine revolutionary movement has already surrendered and allowed itself to become a mere tail of bourgeois democracy.

Arrest and detention of Eduardo “Ka Lando” Genelsa — the AFP’s act of sabotage of the upcoming peace talks

The National Democratic Front-Southern Mindanao condemns the AFP’s arrest and detention of NPA Commander Eduardo “KaLando” Genelsa. A combined force of the 10th Infantry Division, the 46th IB, the PNP and operatives of the ISAFP arrested Ka Lando in Sityo Sangi, Brgy.
Bongabong, Pantukan, Compostela Valley on the morning of  29 June 2016,  a day before Pres. Duterte was to take oath of office, and barely three weeks before the formal resumption of the peace talks between the NDFP and the GPH.

What Dirty Trick Is Norberto Gonzales Up To This Time?

But there can be spoilers, lurking in the dark corners waiting for every opportunity to strike, because they do not want to see the success of the GPH-NDFP peace negotiations. One such potential spoiler is Norberto Gonzales, National Security Adviser and Defense Secretary under the unlamented Gloria Arroyo regime. This dyed-in-the-wool anti-communist remains stuck emotionally and intellectually in the bygone era of the Cold War. His shameless defense of the rotten status quo goes against the fresh wind that has come with the electoral victory of Duterte by the biggest margin in Philippine history given him by the people who are aching for change.

Rejoinder to Ernesto Angeles Alcanzare’s article in PDI “How Joma can help to win the peace”

Mr. Ernesto Alcanzare is so presumptuous as to claim that he speaks for the 98.3 percent of Filipinos! In actual fact, he speaks for the GPH because he parrots the GPH line of Ging Deles and Alex Padilla, the notorious saboteurs of the GPH-NDFP peace negotiations about “giving in too much to the demands of the NDFP”, having the peace negotiations in the Philippines, etc. The NDFP can at least speak for its organized forces that run into hundreds of thousands and its mass base of adherents that run into millions in both the cities and countryside.

Kamtin ang mga pagbabago sa ilalim ng rehimeng Duterte

Sa loob ng ilang araw, iluluklok na si Rodrigo Duterte bilang bagong pinuno ng reaksyunaryong estado. Susubaybayan ng buong bayan ang bawat isasagawa niyang hakbangin. Aantabayanan siyang mahagi ng lupa sa Hacienda Luisita tuparin ang mga ipinangako niyang malalaking pagbabago sa saglit na tanganan niya ang kapangyarihan bilang presidente.

On the positive outcome of Oslo talks

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) congratulates the National
Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) Negotiating Panel and representatives of the incoming Duterte regime for attaining positive results in the June 14-15 preliminary talks held in Oslo, Norway. The meeting was facilitated by the Royal Norwegian Government.

The armed revolutionary movement of the CPP-NPA rises in Panay to contribute the nationwide people’s war as the US-Aquino regime weakens and ends!

The US-Aquino regime, its anointed successor and allies have tried to build Panay as a solid bailiwick of the Liberal Party in the last six years. Aquino has put his henchmen in most of the local positions and other Panayanon in national posts. He took as allies most of the local opposition figures by bribing them with hundreds of millions of pork barrel.