Comment on the anti-gay and misogynist joke of Duterte

By Prof. Jose Maria Sison
NDFP CHief Political Consultant
February 24, 2019

In making a joke, Duterte has obviously invented the story that gays in the NPA brought his son Baste to the woods to be subjected to kissing, mashing and other acts amounting to molestation. There is a strict NPA rule of discipline against sexual molestation and taking sexual liberties against the will of others. It is up to the NPA command concerned to inform us how Baste was treated.

If indeed anyone in the NPA molested or took liberties with Baste, he or she would face disciplinary action, aside from experiencing the discomfort in discovering the truth of what Duterte had earlier said that he and Baste are congenital stinkers because the sewage system of their bodies cannot dispose of the waste of their food intakes and they suffer long periods of constipation.

Most unbelievable part of the joke of Duterte is the claim that 40 per cent of NPA fighters are gay. How can he make such a survey finding when his military and police minions cannot locate the thousands of Red commanders and fighters in more than 110 guerrilla fronts. These armed revolutionaries reveal their momentary location only when they are already ambushing or raiding his armed minions.

At any rate, Duterte is again exposing his misogynist and anti-gay character with his macho kind of joke. The position of the CPP and the revolutionary movement has always been not to discriminate against women and the LGBT in the recruitment of fighters by the NPA. The men, women and LGBT are qualified to become Red commanders and fighters so long as they are 18 years or older, and are able-bodied, have revolutionary commitment and are willing to undertake politico-military training, to do mass work and to fight the enemy with firearms.