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Condemn the Aquino government for supporting US interventionism in Iran — CPP

By CPP Information Bureau

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today released the following statement:

Benigno Aquino III displayed such pathetic lack of national dignity and betrayed the abject puppetry of his foreign policy when he sought the “understanding” of the Obama government for not being able to support fully the imposition of the US-instigated economic embargo against Iran. Aquino said that the Philippine government could not give its all-out support to the economic embargo as Iran is one of the biggest markets for Philippine banana exports.

By seeking the “understanding” of his imperialist masters, Aquino bares the fact that the puppet reactionary state is obliged to support the US in all its diplomatic positions and wars of intervention and aggression, and must beg indulgence when it does not. Aquino is in fact supportive of the interventionism and unilateral actions of the US against Iran and has merely been momentarily constrained by economic exigency from joining the US-imposed embargo.

Having no fundamental opposition to it, he will not stand in the way of US imperialist preparations to launch a war of intervention to overthrow the sovereign government of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and replace it with a pro-US government, as it did in Libya last year.

The CPP and the Filipino people are united with the Iranian people in opposing the US’ subversion of Iran’s sovereignty. The Filipino people oppose US interventionism in Iran that is being perpetrated on the pretext of opposing Iran’s nuclear development program which, the US claims, is aimed at producing nuclear weapons. The Filipino people assert that Iran has all the sovereign right to develop its nuclear capability for power generation and medical application.

The CPP condemns the imperialist US government for its intolerance of sovereign states who stand for their national interest and sovereignty. As in Libya, Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan and the Balkans, the US government seeks to launch a war of aggression against the sovereign states of Iran and Venezuela in order to install puppet governments that will do the bidding of the American oil monopolies.

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