Condemn the unceasing EJKs and violence committed by the AFP , PNP and Duterte death squad in Central Negros

The Leonardo Panaligan Command – New Peoples Army (LPC-NPA) strongly condemns the unending killings and atrocities of the PNP, Duterte Death Squad and 94th IBPA against innocent civilians and progressive organizations in Central Negros.

Lito Itao, resident of Sitio Culasi, Brgy Buenavista, Guihulngan City is the latest EJK victim last July 26, 2019. According to the investigation of the NPA, Lito Itao was a habal-habal driver and elected treasurer of GUOHDA (Guihulngan United Operators and Habal-habal Drivers Association), a progressive association of the transport sector in Guihulngan City under PISTON. The murder of Lito Itao is part of the unrelenting EJKs nationwide and the 40th state sponsored murder in Guihulngan City since July 2017. The LPC-NPA believes that the Duterte Death Squad deployed in Guihulngan City with the PNP and the 94th IBPA are responsible.

The 94th IBPA also burned the houses of Delia Isugan, Secretary of KAUGMAON-Guihulngan, and Jesus Isugan of Sitio Malabyukon, Brgy Buenavista, Guihulngan City last July 13, 2019. The mercenary culprits did not leave the site until the houses were totally burned to the ground. They then ransacked the surrounding houses and stole several items.

These attacks against progressive organizations and the struggling people is part of Memorandum Order #32 or the crackdown against the legal democratic movement as declared by the US-Duterte regime. This is a desperate step by the regime and its mercenaray troops to stop the people’s struggle for social justice based on genuine peace and freedom.

The people has persistently struggled in defense of their livelihood, their homes, children and human rights but were answered by the bloody iron fist of the regime through merciless killings, illegal arrests, pillage and threats to protect the interests of big landlords that has uprooted the peasants from their lands to give way to foreign capitalists and multi-national corporations.

The LPC-NPA challenges 303rd Bde. Commander Gen. Arevalo to account for the brutality of his berserk troops in the torching of houses of the peasants and the killings of innocent civilians like Lito Itao. He likewise spreads lies and intrigues to imprison peasants struggling for their livelihood but also to give a blunt reason to kill members of progressive organizations. Time and again he repeats preposterously his accusation that the arrested civilians are members of the NPA and show off fake surrenderees to bolster himself with the Duterte regime and for his corruption of the program funds of the “counter-insurgency” campaign and other kickbacks from the modus of receiving funds from former Moises Padilla Mayor Magdalino “Magsie” Peña in exchange of giving protection to his illegal drug and firearms business in the 5th District in Negros Occidental.

The sharp fangs of violence and brutality demonstrated by Duterte and his minions in the AFP particularly in Central Negros BGen. Benedict Arevalo, the PNP and other fascist forces of the state only shows that the Duterte regime is fast isolated and lost support from the people because of the worsening economic and political crisis and the widening cracks in his political party due to the infighting for power in Congress and the Senate by his cronies.

This further inflames the sentiments and consciousness of the masses in raising their participation in and support to the revolutionary movement especially the armed struggle and joining the NPA. The final blow of this regime unleashing its ferocity and brutality against the people, strengthens the national democratic revolution because the people has nobody to rely on for the defense of their human rights and freedom from oppression but their revolutionary strength and their army, the NPA.

The murder of Lito Itao and other victims of EJK, torching of the peasant homes and widespread arrests based on trumped-up cases has taught the people to carry forward the national democratic revolution to gain social justice, genuine peace, freedom and democracy and shows the people especially the youth to grasp its role as the future of society to take up arms to defend the people and country by joining the NPA.

Justice for Lito Itao and all victims of EJKs!
Justice for all victims of human rights violations!
Punish the butcher AFP for their blood debts against the people!
Onward with the Armed Revolution!

Ka JB Regalado
LPC-NPA-Central Negros Guerilla Front