CPP congratulates North Korea for successful launch of communications satellite

CPP Information Bureau

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today extended greetings to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) for its successful launch into space of a communications satellite yesterday. At the same time, the CPP scored the US government and its allies "for their hypocritical condemnation and demonization of the DPRK's satellite launch as a missile test and a provocative threat to peace."

"Yesterday's launch into space of a communications satellite shows the technological advances achieved by the DPRK in its perseverance at defending itself and building socialism in defiance of the relentless efforts of the imperialist powers to isolate and punish it for its staunch independence and anti-imperialism. The US and other imperialist powers spew utter hatred of the DPRK and its people and all others who fight for and are able to hold on to their independence and forge their own advances," said the CPP.

The CPP noted that in the past years, the DPRK has been able to achieve big advances in technology and break the monopoly of the imperialists in high technology.

"By launching a communications satellite, the DPRK is poised to break imperialist monopoly in global media transmission. Not only would it be able to use this as a platform to shatter the imperialist lies against the DPRK, but also facilitate its use by other oppressed nations and peoples to show the world their real situation and to propagate their calls and fight against the evils of imperialism," added the CPP.

"The US imperialists and its allies are all the more terrified that the communications satellite launch at the same time showed that the DPRK has proven its capability of launching long-range rockets that could theoretically reach Alaska and threaten the US itself. This adds to the US and other imperialist powers' already long-standing worry about DPRK's now proven nuclear capability and its breaking of the imperialists' monopoly of advanced weaponry," the CPP said further.

"The imperialists' condemnation of the DPRK's satellite launch as a missile launch and a provocation against the US, Japan and other countries reveal their hypocrisy as they zealously try to hold on to their monopoly of the advanced weaponry they use to threaten and subjugate other countries."

"The US imperialists are upset that the DPRK has been able to peacefully attain advances for its economy and self-defense. They will stop at nothing until the DPRK can be forced to be brought down to its knees," said the CPP. "But the DPRK has demonstrated that it will not bend in the face of threats by the US and other imperialist powers, and will continue to move forward with its independent program for socialist progress."

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