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CPP denounces Aquino for using Bonifiacio’s name to hide his servility to US imperialism

By CPP Information Bureau

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today denounced Benigno Aquino III “for using Andres Bonifiacio’s name and legacy to camouflage his servility to the US government and conceal continuing neocolonial domination by US imperialism through its puppet republic.”

“Aquino deceives the people when he insists that the principal threat to Philippine sovereignty is China and projects himself as the Bonifacio who doesn’t bow to threats, when in reality, he is a puppet of the US imperialists who prostrates himself before his US masters,” said the CPP.

“At every opportunity, Aquino doesn’t fail to assail China’s claims to the South China Sea which is also being claimed by several other countries,” pointed out the CPP. “Yet, he does not raise a whimper at the fact that US warships have been permanently stationed at the South China Sea where it extends its claims of sovereign power.”

“Aquino projects himself as a modern-day Bonifacio unintimidated by the ‘Chinese bully’ when behind this façade, he is spineless in the face of his US imperialist masters. Aquino makes a mockery of Philippine sovereignty when he zips his mouth in the face of the permanent basing of close to a thousand American troops on Philippine soil, carry out combat operations, fly their drones, drop bombs, conduct surveillance, direct the operations of the Philippine military, sail and dock their ships, carry their weight around, dump their waste, violate local laws and ravage women, all in outright violation of Philippine sovereignty.”

“No, Mr. Aquino, you are not a Bonifacio,” the CPP said.

“The Aquino regime, class descendants of the upper-class ilustrados who betrayed the Philippine revolution, who bowed to US colonial subjugation and served as its puppets a century hence, are in no position to lead the celebrations of the 150th birth anniversary of the working class hero Andres Bonifiacio,” said the CPP.

The Aquino regime’s official celebration of Bonifacio’s 150th birth anniversary seeks only to “trivialize and depreciate his historic role in the revolutionary struggle for national liberation and obscure the unbroken thread of revolutionary armed resistance that continues to this day,” said the CPP.

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