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CPP expresses solidarity with protests against oil price hikes

By CPP Information Bureau

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) expressed solidarity with planned protest actions to be carried out tomorrow against the constant increases in oil prices being imposed by foreign big oil companies against the Filipino people.

Democratic organizations of workers, jeepney drivers, urban poor, students, women and other sectors are planning to hold mass actions tomorrow in the face of weekly hikes in oil prices since the start of this year. Prices of disel have increased by nearly P6 per liter this year.

“The Filipino people are justified in launching more and bigger protest actions to dramatize their opposition to the oppressive pricing scheme of the foreign monopoly oil companies,” said the CPP.

“In the face of constant increases in oil prices, their only resort is to muster a force big enough to compel the callous oil monopoly companies to roll back the prices of oil commodities and push the US-Aquino regime to remove or reduce taxes imposed on oil and repeal the oil deregulation law,” pointed out the CPP.

“By imposing one price increase after another, the oil companies are condemning the people to suffer further economic hardships,” said the CPP. “The Filipino people are fed up with the constant increases in oil prices.”

“The planned protest actions are an indictment of the US-Aquino regime for its subservience to the oil companies and its adamant refusal to heed the people’s clamor to stop oil price increases and end the oil deregulation law.”

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