CPP laughs off AFP claim of wiping out NPA in Pampanga

By CPP Information Bureau

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today dismissed claims by the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) that it has decimated the New People’s Army (NPA) in Pampanga, asserting that NPA units are operating in the outskirts and that revolutionary base organizing work continues to be carried out in the province.

“The fact is, since 2010, the NPA in Central Luzon tactically shifted its forces to focus on building its guerrilla base areas in the mountainous areas of the region. Its forces in the Pampanga plains were temporarily redeployed, not so much as a result of AFP operations, but as a planned course of action in line with building the base areas.”

The CPP said units of the NPA have been building base areas in the the Sierra Madre mountain range straddling Eastern Bulacan, Aurora and Nueva Ecija, the Zambales-Tarlac-Pangasinan mountain ranges, as well as the mountainous and coastal areas of Bataan to Bulacan. From the mountainous base areas, cadres of the CPP and Red fighters continue to deploy units to the plains of Pampanga, as well as in other provinces to build CPP branches and revolutionary mass organizations.

“Using the guerrilla base areas as rear, and with the help of the peasant masses in the plains, the NPA command in Central Luzon can launch regular and special tactical offensives in Pampanga and elsewhere when the enemy least expects it, starting with weak and detached units of the AFP and Philippine National Police, and the armed goons and security agencies of the big landlords and big compradors in order to disarm these and disable them from further causing harm against the people.”

The CPP contradicted the statement by the AFP that Pampanga is now poised for economic progress. The statement of the AFP that the province is “ready for further development” is simply “an invitation for foreign companies and their local partners to grab land and oppress and exploit the working class and peasantry.”

“The workers and peasant masses of Pampanga province continue to suffer from intolerably oppressive and exploitative conditions in the big haciendas, sugar centrals, in the lahar quarrying areas, as well as in the so-called special economic zones,” said the CPP. “Tens of thousands of peasant masses are being displaced as a result of widespread land grabbing by big landlords and so-called developers who are in league with the ruling Aquino regime.”

“A case in point is that of Hacienda Dolores in Porac town where thousands of peasant families are being driven away from their land by the big comprador-owned Ayala Land and its cohorts by using the military and police to suppress the peasant masses,” said the CPP. Just last Sunday, a peasant leader, Arman Padino, was killed, and another wounded, after being fired upon by the armed goons of the Ayalas. Peasant activists who oppose the landgrabbing by the Ayalas are being subjected to harassment, both with trumped up criminal cases and armed threats.

“The peasants and workers of Pampanga continue to wage mass struggles to advance their democratic cause and are ever desirous of waging revolutionary armed struggle. Their best sons and daughters continue to join the New People’s Army.”


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