CPP laughs off AFP claim that Yolanda disorganized NPA in the Visayas

By CPP Information Bureau

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today laughed off claims by the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Central Command that supertyphoon Yolanda has “disrupted the organization” of the New People’s Army (NPA) in the Eastern Visayas and other devastated areas. The AFP made this claim yesterday upon the observation that the NPA has not launched offensive operations since 8 November.

“According to reports immediately following the supertyphoon, all units of the NPA in the Eastern Visayas, Panay Island, Central Visayas and Negros Island remain intact,” said the CPP. “In fact, communications between the CPP central leadership and all regional commands in the devastated areas were re-established immediately, and instructions and commands flowed smoothly down to the basic units of the NPA and branches of the CPP.”

“Immediately after typhoon Yolanda, NPA units, people’s militias, local Party branches, revolutionary mass organizations and barrio revolutionary committees were mobilized to organize relief efforts, and set up production teams to help the people collectively rise up from the grave socio-economic disaster,” said the CPP.

“The revolutionary forces in the localities also coordinated with aid agencies and media organizations to facilitate the entry and distribution of relief goods to certain areas.”

The activities of the NPA in Samar province were covered in an article published in the 7 December issue of Ang Bayan.

“The observation by the AFP official that there have been no offensive NPA operations since 8 November just goes to show that the respective commands of the NPA in the areas have complied with, and continue to observe strictly, the ceasefire declaration issued by the CPP Central Committee which remains effective until 24 December,” pointed out the CPP.

“The NPA commands in the Visayas are also covered by the national ceasefire declaration issued today by the CPP Central Committee to mark the 45th anniversary of the CPP and in observance of holiday traditions,” said the CPP.

The CPP pointed out that by the end of the effectivity of the ceasefire on 2359 hours of 26 December, the NPA in the Visayas would have observed a 49-day ceasefire. NPA forces in Samar and Leyte, furthermore, are covered by an order issued by the Eastern Visayas Regional Committee of the CPP that extends the ceasefire to mid-January, in view of the extent of the devastation and the scale of effort that must be exerted by the masses and their army to rise up from the ravages of the storm.

“In contrast, the Aquino regime and the AFP have refused to issue a ceasefire declaration in the devastated areas, and have instead ordered the 8th and 3rd Infantry Divisions to continue their relentless offensive military operations.”

The CPP rejected the calls to “join the AFP in the rehabilitation of the storm areas,” saying that the AFP’s relentless operations clearly aim to prevent the NPA and the revolutionary forces in the area from engaging in rehabilitation efforts.

“If the AFP were at all serious in its calls, it would have ordered its forces to stand down and cease its offensives against the NPA and the revolutionary areas,” said the CPP. “Instead, the AFP has intensified its offensives and issued such bellicose statements right after the devastation, declaring that the AFP will not cease to pursue the ‘enemies of the state’.”

“The Aquino regime and the AFP leadership are clearly afraid that the successful relief and rehabilitation efforts being carried out by the revolutionary forces will put to shame the ruling reactionary Aquino regime which has largely failed in addressing the urgent and long-term needs of the disaster victims,” said the CPP.

“Since the devastation by Yolanda, the Aquino regime has been engaged in endless PR gimmicks to cover up its criminal negligence, failure to prepare for the storm, corruption in the collection and distribution of international aid, and overall failure to make substantial progress on the ground and significant positive impact on the lives of the disaster victims.”

“More than anything else, the Aquino regime’s so-called rehabilitation efforts are aimed primarily to benefit the big capitalist compradors, particularly the gigantic business empire of Lucio Tan, one of the biggest benefactors of the Aquino regime.”

“The Aquino regime is further condemnable for ordering yesterday the suspension of the wage order increase in Western Visayas, which would effectively pull back the workers’ daily minimum wages by P10 and worsen their already dismal socio-economic condition,” said the CPP. “This goes to show what class the Aquino regime is really serving.”


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