Crackdown against the people in Negros Oriental

PRESS STATEMENT| December 28, 2018
Ka Frank Fernandez
Spokesperson, NDFP – Negros Island

The simultaneous attacks of Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and Philippine National Police (PNP) troops against the people of Negros Oriental are not drug-related but a crackdown on progressive forces and ordinary peasants struggling for their daily survival and longing for genuine peace. The so-called “war on drugs” and “crime prevention” are o only covers to legitimize the presence of state agents and their crimes against the Filipino masses. 

In fact, top officials of the AFP and PNP are furious and humiliated because of their failure to obstruct the glorious celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Communist Party of the Philippines in Negros.

This crackdown sets the stage for the open declaration of Martial Law in Negros and nationwide. The atrocities, especially against the legal democratic movement and the peasant masses, are expected to heighten in the first quarter of next year as the US-Duterte regime is yet again facing a defeat in their illusion of decimating the New People’s Army by mid-2019.

But the people of Negros will courageously stand with the Filipino people in confronting this fascist regime. Expose and oppose all violations and abuses of the AFP, PNP and their force multipliers. There is no room for silence and apathy in this period of rising dictatorship.

The protest movement and the fight for democratic rights must reach a higher level of vigor. Mass struggles and anti-feudal campaigns must multiply tenfold amid the spate of extra judicial killings, escalating human rights violations and the worsening economic and political crisis of the reactionary system.

The broadest anti-fascist alliance must rise to resist Duterte’s sinister directive of making his enemies’ blood flow. 

Now, more than ever, armed revolution is relevant and justified. All revolutionary forces must work to arouse, organize and mobilize the greatest number to further strengthen the national democratic revolution and overthrow the fascist rule of the US-Duterte regime.###