Duterte has coup jitters

Comment by Jose Maria Sison, NDFP Chief Political Consultant, July 2, 2019

Duterte to AFP, PNP: Don’t stage a coup, please


Duterte is having coup jitters.  He is feeling the heat and is getting wet in his pants.  He anticipates that the people can rise in gigantic mass actions against his traitorous, tyrannical, brutal and corrupt regime and the military and police can turn against him as they did against Marcos and Estrada. 

He  has exposed himself as a shameless traitor and as a paid agent of China with his own statements and actions on the issue of selling out to China Philippine sovereign rights in the EEZ and the rich marine, oil, gas and other mineral resources. His own military and police can easily understand that Duterte is betraying the people just to benefit himself, his family and cronies from deals with Chinese authorities as well as from the Chinese triads engaged in drug smuggling and distribution and in casino operations. 

The military officers and troops are already tired and exhausted from continuous campaigns and operations against the revolutionary movement and yet they  have failed to destroy it as one deadline after another passes. In the meantime, the people are suffering from rapidly worsening  conditions of  of unemployment, poverty, low incomes, soaring prices of basis commodities and brutal acts of the police and the military.