Duterte has no basis for filing cases against those he offends with diagrams

/ CNN Philippines

Comment by Jose Maria Sison, NDFP Chief Political Consultant

Duterte cannot file cases against the victims of his slander. He has merely used the long discredited method of guilt by association through mere innuendoes and trial by publicity in the absence of any evidence that is presentable to the appropriate court of law.

His matrices are worthless drawings and are pure bullshit. They do not amount to evidence against anyone except as evidence of Duterte’s mental derangement. I do not think that any foreign intelligence agency had to provide the drawings to him. Anyone with the mental capacity or deficiency of Duterte can make such drawings.

It is the victims of slander who should be filing cases in court against Duterte but he is still immune to prosecution while he is president, unless the Lower House has enough members to impeach him and the Senate has enough members to try and convict him.

If he steps down in 2022 or if before that he is ousted by the mass movement in connection with the withdrawal of military support from him, then he will be subject to prosecution and trial before the ICC for the mass murders that he has incited and enabled.

It is also under conditions that Duterte is no longer out of power the the victims of his slander and other crimes would have the opportunity to bring him to court. That’s why he is expected to rig the elections and establish a full-blown fascist dictatorship.