Duterte is smart in serving his selfish interest but utterly stupid in betraying the Filipino nation


By Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
June 20, 2019

Duterte is greedy and smart in serving his personal and family interest. But he is utterly stupid and despicable for betraying the sovereign rights and interests of the Filipino nation by selling out cheaply the natural wealth of the Philippines in exchange for commissions in economic deals with China and for payoffs from Chinese criminal triads that smuggle in and distribute illegal drugs in the Philippines.

Just to earn quickly a few billions of dollars for himself, Duterte is practically giving away to China the estimated USD 26.3 trillion oil reserves in the Philippine exclusive economic zone in the West Philippine Sea. Duterte is out to surpass his idol Marcos in treason and corruption. Thus, he has been acting as mouthpiece of China in violating the UNCLOS and the sovereign rights of the Filipino people in the West Philippine Sea.

If the oil and gas resources in the aforesaid area were utilized for the benefit of the Filipino people, the Philippines would certainly be industrialized and the people would be lifted to a new and higher level of social and economic development. Unfortunately, the Philippines is now ruled by a greedy gangster clique led by Duterte who is short-sighted and thrives on Chinese commissions and drug smuggling.

Just to earn commissions for himself, Duterte practically begs China to give high-interest loans and overpriced infrastructure projects.

But Duterte is blatantly and treasonously laying aside the fact that China owes the Philippines an estimated USD 177 billion for rent and damages in building and militarizing the artificial islands in the Philippine exclusive economic zone. Never has there been a more stupid and traitorous Filipino puppet president.###