Duterte scolds and agitates the military against the opposition

By Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant

“Kayo rin ang may kasalanan niyan (It’s your fault). You have had your chance to really change the country but you did not,” the President said in a speech at the awarding ceremonies for artists at Malacañang. (Photo by Miguel de Guzman)

Duterte should hold himself responsible for failing to take the initiative to work for real change of the rotten semicolonial and semifeudal system and address the people’s need and demand for national and social liberation, instead of scolding and blaming his predecessors and the military for failing to make any change for the substantial improvement of the people’s lot.

Before and after his election to the presidency, the NDFP expected that he would do better than his predecessors in negotiating peace and in cooperating with the NDFP in the making of agreements on social, economic, political and constitutional reforms to address the roots of the armed conflict and institute a government of national unity, peace and development.

But he has frustrated and terminated the GRP-NDFP peace negotiations. He has been obsessed with carrying out an all-out war policy and using the armed conflict to justify his tyrannical rule and charter change for a phoney kind of federalism as pretext for a fascist dictatorship ala Marcos.

Even in scolding the military for following his predecessors in maintaining the constitutional basis of the reactionary government, he is merely agitating the military to act unconstitutionally in support of his tyrannical rule and using them as a threat to those who oppose his tyranny and corruption and even to his constitutional successor as a result of his death, physical or mental incapacity or military withdrawal of support from him.

Given a president who truly acts in the service of the people and for just and lasting peace with the revolutionary movement of the people, the military officers will as a matter of course follow such president as supreme civilian leader and as commander-in-chief because most military officers are of middle class standing and the enlisted personnel come from the lower classes of workers and peasants.

Because they themselves do not belong to the exploiting classes of big compradors, landlords and high bureaucrats, said officers and ordinary troops have twice supported the uprising of the people and have withdrawn support from such sitting presidents as Marcos and Estrada who were condemned by the people for brutality and corruption.

If Duterte persists on the path of treason, cruelty, corruption, incompetence and mendacity, he has much to fear from the military of his own reactionary government. They can withdraw support from him in order to protect the people from his tyranny and install his constitutional successor in accordance with the 1987 constitution. ###

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