Duterte uses fake charges to intimidate opponents and is apparently preparing for their mass arrest

By Jose Maria Sison, NDFP Chief Political Consultant

The long drawn Inopacan case of “walking skeletons” is a cruel joke at the expense of patriotic and progressive activists. The bones were collected by General Esperon from various cemeteries during the time of Arroyo in order to make his “legal offensive” and persecute the opponents of the Arroyo regime.

At the time that the fake Inopakan massacre was supposed to have happened, I was still under maximum security detention by the Marcos fascist regime. I was not in any position then to go over the head of the leadership of the CPP and revolutionary movement.

The list of accused is utterly stupid and obviously fabricated. It includes the names of those in prison at the time of the alleged massacre. It also includes those who are already dead for various health reasons as well as those disappeared by the reactionary government.

The current news splash about the fake Inopacan murder charge is intended by the Duterte regime to draw away public attention from the scandalous release of 2000 criminals convicted of drug trading, murder, rape and other heinous crimes.

At the same time, Duterte is apparently trying to carry out his previous threat to make trouble for his opponents and other people who are red-tagged. There is a proliferation of charges against them to indicate that the Duterte regime is preparing for the mass arrest of people who oppose his antinational, antidemocratic and antipeople policies and actions.

But the probable mass arrest and even the murder of the opponents of the regime will fail to intimidate and silence the people. The tyrannical, treasonous, murderous, corrupt and swindling character of the regime is well-exposed. The broad masses of the people are already fed up with this regime and are on the verge of rising up to cause its downfall. ###