Exact Justice, get the 61stIB pay its crimes against the people!

February 28, 2017

The Coronacion Chiva “Waling-Waling” Command of NPA Panay Region strongly condemns the shooting and the slaughter of two farmers by 61stIB/PA scout platoon troopers in Sitio Maknoy, Brgy. Jebaca, Maayon, Capiz last February 24. Killed were Lorendo Borres and Ian Borres, while Andy Borres, Alimar Borres, and Perto Cargo had survived. They are all residents of the said village. Ian’s body was riddled with 32 gunshot wounds, what a brutal killing indeed.

Instead of getting his men take the responsibilities of the crime, Col. Leonardo Peña, 61stIB/PA Commanding Officer shamelessly boasted that the killed farmers were NPA members, despite the fact the families and friends of the victims owned them as civilians, and they are now seeking for justice.

Lately, the AFP has intensified civilian killings on their military operations not only in Panay but across the country sowing terror among the people especially in the countryside. There have been 15 victims on the record for the month of February 2017. True to their nature as anti-people, they concocted lies on the victims as NPA members, planting in them weapons or explosives and show the mass media their “achievements” as what they did in Capiz.

Currently, the 301st Brigade launches psywar operations in more than 45 villages of Panay where army troops are staying. They combine combat operations, terror campaigns and trying to deceive the people.

The recent ruthless killing of two civilians in Brgy. Jebaca shows the 61stIB as butcher and fascist as it boasted itself as “Hunter Battalion”. A week before the incident, another unit from the 61st IB wantonly fired their weapons in Brgy. Cabatangan, Lambunao. The civilians got terrified and evacuated themselves out of the barrio proper. These crimes add up to their long lists of grave violations of human rights and international laws of war. This also shows the blatant lies of the AFP on their “Oplan Kapayapaan” that is no different with the Oplan Bayanihan.

The Coronacion Chiva “Waling-Waling” Command extends deep sympathy and joins in grief with the victims’ families, relatives and friends. Don’t let fears consume us, but instead we should be brave and steadfast enough in seeking for justice.

We call on the people to take courage in exposing the whole truth of the incident and other abuses of the 61stIB and AFP and confer with human rights organizations. We should stand up united in our efforts and demands to exact justice for the victims, and get the criminals pay their crimes at a high price.

The NPA being the real army of the masses, will continue to discharge their duties and render revolutionary justice for the victims of fascism and protect the well-being of the masses against the abusive AFP-PNP and other oppressive state apparatuses. But we can only attain social justice through advancing our people’s war until victory.

Justice for the victims of military violence!

Julian Paisano
Political Department
Coronacion Chiva Waling-Waling Command
NPA-Panay Region