Fulfill the tasks of the worker-peasant basic alliance to win the revolution and build a socialist future

Pambansang Katipunan ng mga Magbubukid
National Democratic Front of the Philippines
Labor Day 2018 | PRESS RELEASE
Reference: Andres Agtalon, Spokesperson, PKM-NDFP

As the country’s largest labor organizations unite on the 115th International Working People’s Day under one banner to strongly protest the imperialist and neoliberal policies of labor contractualization and ‘ENDO’, systematic union busting, suppression of workers’ rights, and the prevailing oppressive working conditions utilized by capitalists, the Pambansang Katipunan ng mga Magbubukid-National Democratic Front of the Philippines (PKM-NDFP) calls on all working class and the peasant masses nationwide to take advantage of the social conditions and wage revolution to overthrow the joint class dictatorship of landlords and big bourgeoisie.

“It is the historical duty of the Filipino working class and proletariat to lead the national democratic revolution to victory. The basic alliance of workers and peasants should now more than ever be unified and strengthened in the face of more challenges under the tyrannical rule of Rodrigo Roa Duterte,” according to PKM Spokesperson Andres Agtalon.

“It is the duty of workers and peasant sectors to reach out to millions of Filipinos here and abroad and draw them into the people’s democratic revolution.”

“We invite workers in factories, economic enclaves and offices, as well as service sector employees from BPOs who are severely exploited by local and foreign businesses to integrate and live with poor peasants in the countryside and in the guerilla zones of the New People’s Army (NPA). Let us strengthen the basic alliance of workers and peasants and achieve more victories for the revolution,” Agtalon said.

Agtalon said the NPA that is comprised mainly of poor and landless peasants and farmworkers all over the country is always in need of fresh boost and new recruits from the ranks of workers and intellectuals.

“The Communist Party of the Philippines, through PKM and revolutionary mass organizations in the countryside, are waging agrarian revolution at varying levels. It is building the revolutionary mass base through consolidating organs of political power. It is leading the NPA to greater strengths and victorious tactical offensives. We need workers to be in the forefront of these struggles.”

The basic alliance of workers and peasants should carry out various forms of revolutionary struggle to overthrow the class dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, build a socialist state and engage in continuous socialist revolution in the political, socio-economic and cultural fields.