Further intensify the determination to fervently advance the people’s democratic revolution!

Statement of the CPP-NEMR on the 50th anniversary of the CPP

December 26, 2018

This December 26, 2018, all revolutionary forces in the different guerilla fronts and Party organizations in our region and the entire country, proudly celebrate the 50thth anniversary of the re-establishment of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP). 

The Regional Committee of the Communist Party of the Philippines-North Eastern Mindanao Region (CPP-NEMR) warmly honors the cadres and members of the Party; Red commanders and fighters of the New People’s Army (NPA); leaders, activists and members of revolutionary mass organizations and allies, for their tireless and persistent advance of the democratic revolution in our region amidst the brutal attacks of the fascist US-Duterte regime.

On this golden anniversary, we also warmly give our highest salute to the revolutionary martyrs who gave their time and lives for the national democratic liberation of the Filipino people and for spreading the spirit of socialism and communism. They are the epitome of boundlessly serving the people and bravery in confronting the difficulties of waging revolution.

The revolutionary spirit and lessons carved by our martyrs and the victories we achieved within the 50 years of waging revolution inspire us to further strengthen our convictions to fervently advance the people’s democratic revolution towards victory. 

From 1968 until the present, through the leadership of the CPP, guided by Marxism-Leninism-Maoism (MLM), over the Philippine revolution, the revolutionary movement effectively overcame all manners of vicious encirclement and annihilative attacks of the reactionary regimes from the fascist US-Marcos dictatorship until the present US-Duterte regime. This is also exhibited by the revolutionary movement in NEMR from its beginnings in 1982 until the present. 

This year, the US-Duterte regime’s illusion of defeating the revolutionary movement failed. The Philippine revolution continue to advance while the ruling semi-colonial and semi-feudal system remain beset by crises which will ultimately result in its collapse.  The future of the people’s democratic revolution is bright.

The anger of the people in the region towards the despicable US-Duterte regime has intensified

The US-Duterte regime is no different from the past regimes in its being reactionary and its puppetry under an oppressive and exploitative system. It consistently defends the greed of imperialists, big comparador bourgeoisie, landlords and bureaucrat capitalists despite the suffering of the Filipino people. 

Under almost three years of power, the Duterte regime has further sunk the people in the region and the entire country in destitution by implementing unpatriotic and anti-people laws and policies. It employed state fascism and terrorism to sow fear among the people while harnessing politician-like chicanery and deceit to effectively implement whatever he and his imperialist masters want. But it has earned him the anger and resistance of the people in the region and the entire country, to end the tyranny of the US-Duterte regime.   

The following are several of the US-Duterte regime’s turpitude tormenting the majority of the people in the region:

His puppetry and subservience to the imperialist neo-liberal policies or “free trade” advocated by the IMF-WB, WTO, APEC and AFTA, caused the lowering of the price of copra. From P35 a kilo it was reduced to P6-P16 a kilo because of the uncontrolled importation of palm oil from Malaysia and Indonesia. It destroyed local coconut production. The regime further encouraged the establishment of thousands of hectares of oil palm plantations that competes with coconut. It resulted to the severely miserable conditions of tenants in coconut farms. Aside from this, the coconut farms in Caraga are targeted for the expansion of banana plantations of Del Monte, Dole and Sumifru, for export. Other coconut areas are being converted into falcatta tree plantations that destroys the land. Through these schemes, landlords were able to avoid the distribution of coconut lands to farmers.

The regime deliberately manipulated the “rice crisis” which resulted to panic and sacrifices of majority of the people in the region. Prices significantly increased to P50-P60 a kilo because of the manipulation of businessmen and the government. All these happened despite statements made by the regional National Food Authority (NFA) and Department of Agriculture (DA) that the rice supply in Caraga is sufficient. The US-Duterte regime generated the crisis to give way to deregulation and uncontrolled rice importation by private businessmen in line with the Rice Tarrification Law

The farmer tenants of ricefields suffer from increased land rent, high prices of fertilizers and pesticides and usurious loans, and their livelihood are further destroyed by the deluge of imported rice. They will then be forced to convert ricefields to plantations and other uses, further threatening the region and the country’s food security. Rice supply will be further monopolized by big business and the country’s basic food supply will be dependent on foreign capitalists. 

The Duterte regime is indifferent to the plight of the people as shown by its implementation of additional taxes on commodities and services under the TRAIN law. It is intended to fund his ambitious projects such as railways, roads, airports, etc. under its Build, Build, Build program which in the end, serves only the capitalists.  

This (Train law) has brought about sudden price increases of commodities, services and fuel, while there has been no increase of incomes, plunging the majority of the people in the region in suffering and dire hardship. The government dole-outs of 4Ps and subsidies are insufficient palliatives to poverty. What is more bitter to swallow is the fact that foreign investors and imported products enter the Philippines under lowered or free tariffs/taxes. With the people’s discontent intensifying, the regime was forced to suspend the imposition of additional taxes on imported fuel to the following year. 

Workers in the region are more than ever frustrated because of his failure to fulfill the promise of ending labor contractualization. Greedy for-profit capitalists continue to inflict upon workers, low wages, inadequate to meet the daily needs of their families. To further please the capitalists, the regime breaks up labor unions and worker’s organizations. Joblessness and underemployment in the region increased.

While majority of the people suffer from low incomes, Duterte shows his selective benevolence by doubling the salaries of soldiers and the police to get their subservience to his vile plan of establishing dictatorial rule. He has given his soldiers and police license to commit human rights violations through Oplan Kapayapaan, martial law and the war against illegal drugs. 

Under Oplan Kapayapaan and martial law’s total war, the AFP and PNP carry out brutal suppressive actions which callously destroyed homes, lives and livelihoods of the people especially the farmers and the Lumad in the region. In its ambition to annihilate the NPA by the year 2018, it has implemented massive and sustained military operations combined with ruthless and deceptive psychological operations through CSP/COPD.

The US-Duterte regime completely terminated the peace talks and declared the CPP and NPA as “terrorists”; and attacked progressive groups strongly opposing his pro-imperialist and anti-people policies. Even students in universities and colleges are being suppressed by the military. These are the reasons for the extension of martial law in Mindanao.

Human rights violations in the region committed by the AFP/PNP forces increased, such as killings, illegal arrests and filing of trumped-up charges, threats, suppression, forcible evacuations, forced surrender of civilians and forced conscription to the CAFGU. 

Oplan Tokhang which killed almost 20,000 people, is meant to conceal the elimination of competitors of the illegal drugs business and establish his power over the syndicates. This is the reason why there has been no let up of cases connected to illegal drugs. No bigtime shabu smuggling case from China have been solved.  His son, son-in-law and close friend have been strongly linked to drug syndicates.

Duterte’s government is wrapped in corruption. The parade of fake surenderees of the Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program (E-CLIP) and Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPPAP) and forced recruitment to the CAFGU are milking cows of AFP/PNP officials for moneymaking and promotions. Those removed from power due to alleged corruption charges were his political opponents while his allies remained in their positions.  The notoriously corrupt, like Arroyo, Estrada and Marcos, are his close allies and have been absolved of charges. 

The regime has sold the Philippines to China and the US. While he is brutal to the Filipino people, he is a coward to China’s occupation of the Philippine islands in the West Philippine Sea. The Duterte regime has never firmly defended Philippine sovereignty. 

The tyranny of the US-Duterte regime is pushing the people to unite and fight. Widespread protest actions were launched to oppose this tyranny and demand for the recognition of national and democratic rights of the Filipino people. His fascist and brutal repression failed to silence the people.

Oplan Kapayapaan failed in 2018, the revolution in NEMR continue to advance

The tyranny and bankruptcy of the US-Duterte regime and the ruling semi-colonial and semi-feudal system it defends, is the reason why the enemy will never succeed in dousing the flames of the people’s just struggle. Through the wise leadership of the CPP over the revolutionary movement in the region, the AFP/PNP’s annihilative attacks were frustrated. The strength of the NPA and the revolutionary forces has been preserved. The revolution and the Party continue to advance ideologically, politically and organizationally. 

Through the absolute leadership of the CPP, the NPA effectively performed its revolutionary tasks as forces for combat, propaganda, organizing and production. Enemy attacks failed to deprive it of the initiative to continue advancing the people’s war in the region. In 2018, more than 200 military actions and counter-attacks were launched by the NPA-NEMR effecting a number of casualties among the fascist forces of the AFP and PNP. The NPA confiscated several high caliber firearms from the enemy. Just recently, Red fighters confiscated 24 high caliber firearms by attacking, without firing a single shot, the patrol base of the 3rd Special Forces of the AFP in New Tubigon, Sibagat, Agusan del Sur. Twelve (12) CAFGUs and two (2) SF are now prisoners of war (POW) of the NPA-NEMR. Companies that destroy the environment and livelihoods of farmers were penalized, such as plantations of Dole and Sumifru.

Not a single NPA-NEMR formation was wiped out by the enemy. The AFP’s propaganda and claims that more than 500 Red fighters surrendered, is a big lie.  The truth is that these surrenderees were civilians and former members of the NPA who were forced to surrender. Instead, the number of NPA forces increased. The threats and repression of the enemy failed to prevent the youth from participating in armed struggle and joining the NPA. Youth conferences were secretly launched in the different guerilla fronts in the region. Military, medical, mass work and other trainings were launched in the different fronts.  

Despite the brutal dismantling by the AFP of suspected mass bases of the NPA, it failed to fully succeed. The NPA-NEMR continue to consolidate and broaden in other areas, while steadily retaining its position in strategic locations in the region. The NPA enjoy widespread support from the revolutionary mass bases. The masses help the Red fighters with food, technical support and in launching tactical offensives. 

In areas occupied by the enemy, residents continue to link with the NPA and secretly supports them. The people has experienced the vast distinction in their community lives when there are NPA presence. They look forward to regaining their strong unity and cooperation, living peacefully; without the problem of illegal drugs, thievery and other anti-social activities. They achieved more economic benefits from agrarian revolution such as ownership of the land they till, improving farming, wage increases and others, through the help of the NPA.

On the other hand, Party cadres are armed with MLM theory. The studies of Party courses were successfully launched in guerilla fronts of the region despite enemy operations. 

Even with pressure from fascist forces, local Party branches were able to lead the revolutionary movement in the barrios to demand for the rights of the residents against fascism and military abuse. There were also situations when, because of intensified military repression, Party branches temporarily stagnated and failed to advance. On the other hand, new Party branches were also organized and Party members increased in other barrios.

By learning from revolutionary practice, the methods of work of Party committees in the region advanced despite concentrated enemy attacks.  Party cadres were galvanized to rely on themselves. The conscious implementation of organizational discipline improved through the firm adherence to democratic centralism and upholding the guidance of higher organs of the Party. Because of these, we frustrated the plan of Oplan Kapayapaan and the US-Duterte regime this year. We continue to achieve victories as contribution to the advance of the people’s democratic revolution in the country. 

Intensify the determination to further advance the revolution in all fronts 

Even though the ruling system is beset with severe crisis, it is braced by the imperialist US and China to prevent its collapse. The imperialists give military support to the US-Duterte regime to counteract the advance of the revolution and protect their economic interests in the country. The consolidation of power through the militarization of the bureaucracy, extension of martial law in Mindanao until the end of 2019 and its expansion to other parts of the Philippines, show that the Duterte regime will launch more brutal attacks next year. We must then prepare. Hold on to our victories, persistently accomplish tasks and intensify the determination to further advance the revolution and frustrate, once again, the enemy’s plan. 

Intensify the people’s war. Strengthen, expand and establish several NPA formations. Recruit the youth and workers by the numbers, to become Red fighters, political officers and soldiers of the NPA. Build several units of the people’s militia and self-defense units in the barrios. Launch tactical offensives against operating enemy troops and armed impediments in the area. Be sure to confiscate firearms from the enemy.

Strengthen and expand membership in Party branches and committees to increase the number of those who will lead the ever-growing revolutionary tasks and to train many cadres to enhance their capabilities. Strengthen the practice of self-reliance in implementing tasks and in facing enemy attacks.

We must be creative in launching Party courses for all Party members to sharpen their understanding of MLM and apply these in practice. Consciously launch regular assessments and criticism-self-criticism (CSC) to point out the weaknesses and strengths in the conduct of actions. Through these we will raise our determination and commitment to sincerely serve the people.  

While we advance armed revolution, we should not forget that it is integral that we also advance agrarian revolution and strengthen broad mass bases. Persistently build revolutionary mass organizations and recover those left behind or are occupied by the enemy. Continue building organs of political power in the countryside. Resolutely propagate the study of courses of the Pambansang Demokratikong Paaralan (PADEPA) to further raise the political consciousness of revolutionary forces.

Strengthen and broaden alliance with different sectors in the middle forces and national bourgeoisie especially among the church people, professionals, academe, media, local government officials and other progressives. We should correctly recognize their role in defending and upholding respect for human rights, resisting tyranny and anti-people policies of the US-Duterte regime and support for the struggle of the masses for their rights. 

In connection with this, we must mobilize to defeat the rabid anti-people and those who implement/support Duterte’s tyranny, in the coming elections. 

Expose and fight the tyrannical US-Duterte regime and the extension of martial law in Mindanao. Fearlessly launch protest actions against its unpatriotic and anti-people laws and policies. Demand for the nationalist and democratic aspirations of the people. Oppose the intervention and exploitation of the US, China and other imperialists in our country. 

Establish relations and cooperate with patriotic elements among the politicians, police and military to oust the fascist and puppet Duterte regime.

Long live the 50th anniversary of the re-establishment of the CPP!
Long live the struggling people!
Long live the national democratic revolution!

Regional Committee
Communist Party of the Philippines
North Eastern Mindanao Region