Further strengthen the Party to advance the People’s War


Message commemorating the 43rd anniversary of the re-establishment of the Communist Party of the Philippines

By the CPP Central Committee

We celebrate today with boundless happiness the 43rd anniversary of the re-establishment of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) under the guidance of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and all the victories that we have won since then in the Filipino people’s democratic revolution against US imperialism and the local exploiting classes of big compradors and landlords.

We salute and honor all Party cadres and members, all the revolutionary forces and the entire people for all their efforts and sacrifices in bringing about victories in the revolution. Let us fervently extol and emulate our revolutionary martyrs and outstanding heroes.

Since last year, we have seen significant achievements in our ideological, political and organizational work. We have scored major successes in fulfilling the political requirements for realizing the plan to advance from strategic defensive to strategic stalemate. We have strengthened the political foundation for intensifying the people’s war.

As a result, the NPA has been able to launch and win more and more tactical offensives despite prolonged large-scale military offensives by the fascist puppet state. It has delivered lethal blows on the enemy and captured weapons to form more fighting units. It has carried out extensive and intensive guerrilla warfare on the basis of an ever widening and deepening mass base.

The crisis conditions in the world capitalist system and in the Philippine ruling system are extremely favorable for waging the people’s democratic revolution and for realizing the medium-term plan to advance from strategic defensive to strategic stalemate.  Let us take full advantage of the ever worsening and deepening crisis conditions.

Monopoly capitalism and the neoliberal policy are in total discredit. The time has come for the proletariat and people in the Philippines and throughout the world to intensify the counteroffensive against imperialism and reaction. Let us march forward in the struggle for national liberation and democracy and unite with the global anti-imperialist and socialist movement.

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