Hail the 45th anniversary of the NPA! Advance the formidable People’s War!

Spokesperson, Kabataang Makabayan

From every corner of factories and workplaces, schools, urban poor and most far-flung peasant comumunities, we echo the message of revolutionary resolve of the masses to carry on and advance the peoples war to a higher level.

We salute the New People’s Army in its celebration of its 45th anniversary, which through the leadership of the Communist Party of the Philippines have inspired the masses to take the cudgels for its own liberation.

From lighting the torch through the dark days of Marcos dictatorship, the NPA has spread to many parts of the country especially among the peasant communities because of the widespread poverty, landlesness and routinary oppression the masses experience from the fascist military and police of the US-backed Marcos regime.

To this day, the same conditions that inspired the masses and propelled the intelligentia like Benito Tiamzon and Wilma Austria to sacrifice by taking to the hills and fight against the unjust system, exist.

Ensured and guarded by the fascist Armed Forces of the Philippines, land-grabbing by landlords such as the Cojuancos and Aquinos from poor peasants continue to magnify the monopolistic hold of the landlords of the economic means for survival of the masses in the countryside. Feudal oppression and economic backwardness in the countryside are closely-knitted to the design of export-oriented and import-dependent economy from which big capitalist and landlords and foreign monopoly-capitalists extract superprofit.

Thus, the imperialists led by US and local reactionary elites of big compradors and landlords block every means of peoples struggles for genuine agrarian reform and industrialization. It is not in the genuine intention of the ruling classes led by US-Aquino regime to institute reforms and raise national sovereignty over the dictats of US imperialism. Together, these oppressive classes take away peoples money most needed for social services like education and put them in debt servicing and military.

Majority of the people continue to wallow in hunger, joblessness, low wages, attacks on livelihood and rights to basic social services like education, health and shelter. While the bureaucrat-capitalists led by Aquino amass hundreds of billion pesos through pork and corruption, and his crony-capitalists pocket billions through infractructure projects awarded by Aquino government at the expense of the people.

These are the very reasons that continue to fuel the armed resistance of the people led by the CPP, which the US-puppet Aquino regime claimed to be led by the Tiamzons. Aquino tries to deflect public anger because of his criminal neglect of Yolanda victims, corruption and deepening economic hardship felt by the people.

But whatever amount of effort the US-Aquino regime put to subdue the resolve of the struggling masses and revolutionary forces through lies and fascism, the more people ask what has happened to pork barrel and corruption that Aquino himself led?Day by day, more and more people bare the truth about the gross economic hardship felt by the majority of the people and quadrouply felt by Yolanda victims.

It is thus condemnable that Aquino imprisoned the Tiamzons who are directly involved in the rehabilitation efforts in the most far-flung areas of peasant communities devastated by Yolanda in Eastern Visayas. KM joins the just-loving people in calling for their release and all political prisoners. Tiamzon and Austria are among the peace consultants of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) with the government and covered by immunity guarantees and agreement with the government (JASIG).

Almost three weeks before the reported arrival of US President Obama, the Aquino regime is one by one revealing the bienvenida gift to Obama like a very true lackey. The arrest of Wilma Austria and Benito Tiamzon and companions are so far on Aquino’s palpable top list of gifts to US imperialism, including the increased presence and stationing of United States armed forces and lethal weapons in the shores and land of the country, and the push for Charter Change in favor of full foreign equity to land, services and investments in the country in exchange of Aquino’s _pogi_points.

It is thus understandable that Aquino’s NOYNOYING all along and blatant puppetry to the US, will be faced with rising peoples discontent. It is condemnable that the Aquino and his minions in military and police answer the just struggle of the people for their democratic rights and liberation with more repression.

All the opposite of Aquino’s policies are what the CPP-NPA-NDFP are fighting for—genuine agrarian reform, national industrialization, national sovereignty and social justice.

The AFP’s and the fascist Aquino regime’s claim that the revolution will be crippled with their capture of the Tiamzons is a sinking propaganda. Aquino becomes the NO. 1 recruiter of the NPA for maintaining the rotten system— the root causes and all reasons why the youth and people rebel.

So long as the country is mired with poverty and injustice, so long as the Aquino government stinks with corruption and never heed the peoples most basic needs and rights like education, the more youth will rise up and seek for revolutionary change.

So long as ordinary people face the oppressive pangs of the state forces under the US-backed fascist Oplan Bayanihan, the more youth will emerge, embrace revolution and join the formidable ranks of the New Peoples Army to overthrow this rotten system maintained by Aquino regime and his military.

Mabuhay ang ika-45 taon ng NPA!
Isulong at ipagtagumpay ang digmang bayan!
Palayain si Wilma Austria, Benito Tiamzon at lahat ng bilanggong pulitikal!
Kabataan, Paglingkuran ang Sambayan!
Sumapi sa Bagong Hukbong Bayan!

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