Japan Communist League message of solidarity

Dear sisters and brothers of the Communist Party of the Philippines,

We, Japan Communist League (JCL), would like to convey our congratulation and solidarity on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the reestablishment of the Communist Party of the Philippines.

We would like to share the joy with all the workers, peasants, fighters, and every sector of the people who celebrate the Day throughout the Philippines.

Your unyielding and advancing struggle has been inspiring us in Japan fighting the domination of Japanese-US imperialism to liberate our workers and people. We are resolute to strengthen our movement and forces here, and make contribution to advance joint front against US-Japanese imperialism in Asia-Pacific region. 

Last November, the huge typhoon Yolanda hit the Philippines, in which thousands of people lost their lives, millions lost houses and livings, and suffered unprecedented damages. While we sincerely extend our heartfelt sympathy to the victims and Filipino people, we must expose vicious maneuvers of the imperialists and the puppets/followers who aim to further impose their rule in the name of relief/rehabilitation.

As you correctly exposed, it is not the merely natural disaster, but man-made disaster; The anti-people policies of the successive Filipino ruling elites have multiplied the damages, and their ongoing relief/rehabilitation policies are inevitably anti-people. We would like to pay respect to your activities for untiring relief campaigns in the stricken areas and organizing work against Aquino administration.

On the other hand, imperialists took full advantage of the disaster and people’s sufferings in order to consolidate their domination. The US, in the name of relief activity, deployed warships only to expand military intervention and protect the rich with property in the Philippines. Likewise, Japanese government sent ever biggest 1,000 soldiers mainly to drill them in the duty abroad, US-Japan joint military exercise abroad, and to drag the Philippines deep into the anti-China containment policy. We vehemently oppose the vicious trick of Japan. 

These maneuvers rooted in what they call ‘re-balancing strategy’ of US Obama administration. Now the US has turned its pivot to Asia to increase presence in order to contain China and thus secure the economic, political, military domination in the region. Closely connected with the US global strategy; Japanese Abe administration is pushing chauvinistic anti-China policy, increase of military budget, incorporation of Japanese SDF (Self Defense Forces) into the US military, exercise of the `right to collective self defense’, in a word, make Japan as state that can wage a war of aggression. 

It is our vital duty to stop the above dangerous militarist policy of Japanese government, and resolutely confront them with all our might. In the process, we .are determined to consolidate unity with your Party ,Filipino people, and other Asian people to advance the struggle to overthrow US-Japanese domination in the region.

With comradely greeting,

Secretary,  International Department
Japan Communist League (JCL)

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