By Jose Maria Sison

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Claro Mayo Recto was bright and far brighter than anyone of those who have so far become president of the big comprador-landlord state (Republic of the Philippines) that is servile to US imperialism. But he could not become president because he was a firm anti-imperialist. Those who have become president of this puppet republic of a semicolonial and semifeudal country have been characteristically offspring and pro-imperialist agents of the exploiting classes of big compradors and landlords.

Though I came from the exploiting landed class and could be benefited within the rotten political system by networks of wealthy relatives and friends, I gave up the ambition of becoming president at the age of 19 when I decided to become a revolutionary and started study circles for the continuation of the Philippine revolution under the leadership of the working class.I am proud to be among those who are bright but cannot become president because of their anti-imperialist and revolutionary stand.

I do not deny being bright academically and even politically as a revolutionary. I intend to collect all my writings against the anti-national and anti-democratic presidents of the Philippines and publish them in book form to show my contempt for treason, oppressiveness and corruption and contribute to the lasting judgment and condemnation of the Filipino people for presidents who have done grave disservice and harm to them.