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Ka Maria Roja Banua, the new voice of the revolution in Bicol

Spokesperson, NDFP Bicol Chapter

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines-Bicol introduces its new spokesperson in the person of Ka (Comrade) Maria Roja Banua. Carrying on the late Ka Greg Bañares’ deferred task brought about by his martyrdom, Ka Roja continues NDFP-Bicol’s further mandate of broadcasting the revolutionary standpoint of Bicol region’s oppressed and exploited masses in their struggle for a genuinely free, just, and progressive society.

Leaping off from such stance, Ka Maria Roja Banua, in behalf of the NDFP-Bicol, salutes the Communist Party of the Philippines-Bicol’s creditable leadership in advancing the people’s revolutionary movement. In her statement “Pahayag ng Rehiyong Bikol sa Ika-45 Taong Anibersaryo ng Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas” (Statement of Bicol Region on the 45th Anniversary of the CPP), Ka Roja celebrates CPP-Bicol’s victories in the ideological, political, and organizational lines of work. According to the NDFP-Bicol’s new spokesperson, the Party’s 45 years of firm grasp and practice of the revolutionary theory of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism has resulted to an ever-strengthening organization sharpening itself in wisdom to combat imperialism and local counter-revolution.

The revolutionary movement in the region led by the CPP-Bicol prides itself in its resolute exertions in fulfilling the requisites contributing to the national direction of completing the advanced sub-stage of the strategic defensive of the people’s war. In doing so, the Party in the region is now fortified by more than ten thousand members that fervently study Marxism-Leninism-Maoism as the foundation in waging revolution. These Party members are deeply-rooted among hundreds of thousands of Bicolano masses that acknowledge the CPP’s leadership and extend their efforts to further the people’s war.

Ka Maria Roja Banua likewise states the establishment of more than ten guerrilla fronts in the region, which are aimed to develop into at least 20 in the coming few years. In these guerrilla fronts, programs of agrarian revolution are being implemented and various types of cooperation in agricultural production are undertaken in order to provide for the people’s needs, along with yielding the mass organizations’ support to the armed struggle. In the same way as in many parts of the Bicol mainland, revolutionaries in Masbate are implementing the maximum program of land distribution. And inasmuch as agrarian revolution greatly benefits the peasant masses, Party members as well as New People’s Army recruits consequently surge from their ranks.

In this connection, Ka Roja denounces the deceit of the 9th Infantry Division, Philippine Army of a “weakened” NPA and revolutionary movement in the region. On the contrary, voluntary enlistment in the people’s army continue to expand in Bicol’s more than ten guerrilla fronts. These NPA platoons, augmented by thousands of militia units and barrio self-defense corps, continue to render defeats on enemy forces and frustrate their offensives against NPA units. These are well exhibited in the Presentacion ambush of May 2010 in Camarines Sur, the Maot PDT raid of April 2012 in Camarines Norte, the Camalig ambush of May 2013 in Albay, and the Irosin counter-defensive of July 2013 in Sorsogon.

Among the significant victories of the NPA-Bicol is the frustration of Oplan Bayanihan’s aim to defeat the people’s revolutionary movement in the region. Aside from performing military tasks, the NPA is well loved by the masses because their army likewise participate in production, conduct cultural work, and carry out various social services. Thus, the Party, the people’s army, and the masses are as bonded as ever.

Also, Ka Roja values the mass movement for having struck heavy blows against RP-US Balikatan, Oplan Bayanihan, the Pork Barrel System, and relentless increases in oil prices. Militant Bicolano masses have also determinedly pushed for sectoral issues such as the Coco Levy Fund and anti-GMO campaigns, and have fought various other anti-people policies and programs of the US-Noynoy Aquino regime. Ka Roja notes that the legal and democratic struggles in the urban areas, as well as the legal peasant struggles in the lowlands of Bicol, have also produced scores of activists and are therefore fountainheads of Party members in the white areas.

In concluding her statement, Ka Roja expresses the NDFP-Bicol’s optimism in achieving the National Democratic Revolution’s victory in the forthcoming years. The CPP-Bicol, the Romulo Jallores Command, and the NDFP-Bicol hold on to this confidence based on the victories reaped from across the guerrilla fronts and guerrilla zones of the region, as well as from all over the country. The year 2014 and the succeeding years will bear witness to Bicolano revolutionaries advancing the people’s war replete with resoluteness and fervor.

The NDFP-Bicol’s new spokesperson ends: “Victory is certain with the CPP-MLM’s correct leadership. The global crisis of imperialism and the resulting trembling of the country’s social system fan the flames of anger of a people gravely subjugated by exploitation and poverty. The surging of the masses in their millions ardently establishing people’s democratic governments across the country, coupled with a strengthening people’s army that will crush the puppet republic’s armed forces and their US imperialist masters, give full confidence to the revolutionary movement and the people to march towards complete victory.”

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