KM calls for mass mobilization for urgent relief operations and rehabilitation for victims of super-typhoon Yolanda

Spokesperson, Kabataang Makabayan

The Kabataang Makabayan (KM, Patriotic Youth) condoles with the families and victims of super-typhoon Yolanda in Tacloban, and severely hit provinces and cities in Visayas on November 8.

It is initially estimated by international humanitarian agencies that the number of killed persons may have reached over 20,000 and entire account of damages still unaccounted for. But the picture of the catastrophe is very clear and this may be worsenend should the state concentrate on blame-game to conceal its own inutility to prevent the massive loss of lives.

The wrath of the super-typhoon has affected millions of people, resulted to massive loss of lives, crippling the livelihood especially of poor farmers and fisherfolks and low-income workers, destroyed fields, schools and public infrastructures and left tens of thousands homeless and traumatized.

The unspeakable suffering of the calamity-hit kababayans who are scavenging for food and water among the littered debris, are worsened as power water supplies, communication and transportation and were all cut off in the entire region.

We call on the Filipino youth, all members and chapters of Kabataang Makabayan to lead and form ‘Serve the People Brigades’, form teams for collecting much-needed relief goods and basic necessities. The people especially in the isolated areas and revolutionary base areas which are also devastated could hardly expect relief assistance ziphoned off by the anti-people US-Aquino regime.

As in the past like in the Sendong and Pablo typhoons with thousands of casualties, no real relief and rehabilitation were carried out. Instead the US-Aquino regime militarized these areas to protect the foreign and local mining and logging companies operations.

Aquino who is all concerned about his PRs and gimmickery amidst the humanitarian crisis in Tacloban and Visayas, could never comprehend the ordinary people’s necessities. Aquino showed utter calousness in pronouncements that the casualties in Tacloban rose because of the local government’s unpreparedness, which is led by an opposition, in order to evade accountability of the national government.

We call on progressive and mass organizations of the youth to take initiative in forming teams and reaching out to organizations, schools student councils and alliances in gathering resources.

Even as we strongly demand to put all resources of national coffers to disaster preparedness and mitigation, we must propagate the real reasons why the basic masses and ordinary poor people suffer the main brunt of calamities in a semi-fuedal and semi-colonial society as ours. Natural disasters are aggravated and turned to deadly catastrophes by ill-preparedness and government’s failure to deliver adequate relief and state abandonement of pro-people rehabilitation programs in favor of capitalist profit-making.

In the last three years, the US-Aquino regime has constantly brushed aside the Filipino peoples legitimate demands for government preparedness and installation of infrastructure in order to thwart massive destruction and loss of lives come weather disturbances and calamities.

The US-Aquino regime which is hounded by sustained peoples protests because of the pork barrel and corruption presided by Aquino himself, must be condemned for using Yolanda and calamities in order to desperately justify the pork barrel system.

This US-Aquino anti-people and corrupt regime has shown no sincere concern for the Filipino people amidst national calamities at the same time as it safeguards its corrupt-ridden pork barrel system.

This anti-people and corrupt US-Aquino regime which prevailed to constantly dart back the blame to victimized Filipino people, has no iota of right to stay in power any longer.

We call on the Filipino youth and people especially in the least affected areas, our compatriots and friends of the Filipino people in the international community to come out of their communities, schools, offices, workplaces and support the International Day of Solidarity for the Victims of Yolanda Super-typhoon on November 13 for relief and rehabilitation.


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