KM calls on the youth: Intensify people’s war, end the imperialist crisis!

Spokesperson, Kabataang Makabayan

Revolutionary youth from different schools and communities in Metro Manila staged a lightning rally in Manila today to call on the youth to join the people’s war and end the impact of the US financial crisis. The lightning rally was their way of commemorating the 47th anniversary of Kabataang Makabayan (KM, Patriotic Youtch), the only revolutionary youth organization existing in the Philippines up to present.

“Everywhere around the world, the youths are up in arms against imperialism,” KM National Spokesperson Maria Laya Guerrero declared.

“The US imperialist financial crisis has wreaked havoc throughout the world, particularly on semi-colonial countries like the Philippines. The people’s outrage against the way the bourgeoisie concentrates the world’s wealth in their hands, has now reached a breaking point. Various spontaneous movements and even the Occupy movement have sprung up in different cities around the world, rocking the foundations of the capitalist society,” Guerrero added.

According to the revolutionary youth group, in a country such as the Philippines — a semi-colonial, semi-feudal society — the only way to intensify the people’s resistance to imperialism is to partake in the protracted people’s war which is being waged at the Philippine countryside through the leadership of the vanguard Communist Party of the Philippines and its armed wing, the New People’s Army.

“The imperialist powers continue to redirect its crisis to our country as it plunders our nation’s wealth and resources. The continuing capitalist financial crisis worsens poverty, budget cuts on social services, rising of prices of basic commodities and landlessness in the country.” Guerrero explained.

The revolutionary youth group calls on the youth of today to heighten the struggle for national democracy. “Let us not think twice in offering our lives to continue this struggle, for thousands of youth have already sacrificed their lives to emancipate the country from its decrepit situation. Let no hindrance stop us from joining and heightening the armed struggle,” Guerrero said.

“With uprisings sweeping across the world, the imperialist system is shaken to its core. There is no more appropriate time to intensify the people’s war but now. With the youth’s force gaining force, the victory of the revolution is close at hand,” Guerrero declared.

[Click on the links below to watch video clips of the lightning rally conducted by the Kabataang Makabayan in the middle of Manila on 01 December 2011]

Video clip #1

Video clip #2

Video clip #3

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