Like his boss Duterte, Parlade is a brazen liar

By Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
March 20, 2019

Brig. Gen, Antonio Parlade is a brazen liar by claiming that patriotic and progressive organizations in the Philippines are communist merely because as Chairperson of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle I communicate with them and invite them to participate in the forthcoming International Assembly of the ILPS in Hongkong.

I must tell him what is publicly known. The ILPS is not a communist organization. It is an international alliance of anti-imperialist and democratic mass organizations whose civil and political rights are respected throughout the world. He is utterly stupid and illogical to label as communist any person or organization that I am supposed to mention or communicate with.

If he were to apply his own illogic on my previous communications and relations with his boss Duterte, he should also label him as a communist in the same way that he misuses the term to attack legal democratic organizations and with the same purpose of intimidating them. It is well known that I have had skype and phone conversations with Duterte.

Parlade is merely a rabid running dog of Duterte. He is an instrument for the fascisation of the Philippine political system by the Duterte ruling clique. All persons, organizations and institutions that are critical of the tyrannical Duterte regime are accused of being communist in order to intimidate them, silence them and render them vulnerable to brutal criminal action by Duterte’s death squads.

The escalating campaign of mass intimidation and mass murder against critics and opponents of the Duterte reign of greed and terror is being currently orchestrated with the electoral campaign of Duterte which is characterized by false claims of popularity with the use of paid poll surveys, troll armies in the social media, radio-TV adverts, planted stories in print media, tarpaulins, entertainment rallies and other means of propaganda.

The Duterte candidates are sure losers in the forthcoming May elections because of the outrageous crimes of the regime, including treason, mass murder and corruption of unprecedented proportions. Thus, Duterte is using terrorism and fakery during the electoral campaign and is expected to use the same in the conduct of elections and in the counting of votes. The Comelec and the military and police will be used to favor the Duterte candidates.

The tyrant and terrorist Duterte is desperate and hard pressed to steal the elections by all crooked and violent means so that he will have political agents at all levels to establish his fascist dictatorship through de facto or formally declared nationwide martial law and the charter change to a bogus kind of federalism. He wants to protect and promote his plundering accumulation of private wealth and likewise to pre-empt and prevent his prosecution and trial as a mastermind of mass murder before the International Criminal Court.###