Message of solidarity from PINAY to Jose Maria Sison

We, in PINAY, wish to convey our warmest militant greetings to you, “Ka Joma”, for 50 years of your undying commitment and service to the Filipino people and the people of the world in their revolutionary struggle for national and social liberation against imperialism and reaction.

As migrant women and families, we continually face various issues and problems in another country brought about by the phenomenon of “forced migration” because of the massive poverty and lack of livelihood opportunities we experience way back home. Sadly, we have to leave our loved ones, face all sorts of problems in the host country to be able to survive ourselves and our families. We cannot help but ask the question of why we are suffering so much when our country is so rich in natural resources and has an enormous pool of very talented people who could be harnessed to make our country prosperous.

Through your writings, teachings, work and your own life, we found the answers and we are deeply inspired by it. You have forsaken a comfortable life to be the revolutionary leader of the Filipino masses who are desperately in need of one. You have preserved the sanctity of the struggles of our forefathers who have waged war after war against various colonial powers and now, imperialist powers that have shown interest only in what they could profit from the richness of our lands and the toils of our people.

Your brutal incarceration in the hands of those who wanted to banish you has not dampened your spirit and instead, it has bolstered your commitment all the more. Through your example, you have shown us how to fearlessly face the enemies in struggling for our rights as Filipino people in determining our own destiny and in achieving true freedom.

You have shared us valuable knowledge and teachings of Marx, Lenin and Mao, in understanding the conditions of the Filipino people and in combating the common enemies. You have celebrated through your poems and literary writings the beauty of our land and its people and in so doing, you have given hope to countless of souls.

You have gone to organize young people like the Kabataang Makabayan, and initiated other formations like study groups, participation in unions, peasant groups, workers, and allies. You have worked with past comrades in the revolutionary movement to introduce changes, correct mistakes and in so doing, reorganized the movement and gave new life and meaning to the struggles of the people against the common enemy, imperialism.

You have unselfishly shared your knowledge and experiences to other people and groups who are similarly waging struggles in the hope of strengthening the bonds between and among people like the International League of People’s Struggles, and in weakening and defeating the enemies of the people that have only their own interest of greed at heart.

Ka Joma, you are a true patriot, worthy of the Filipino people’s trust!

You are an international revolutionary hero, worthy of other people’s trust!

May you live longer and add another 50 years of service to the Filipino people!

May you live to see the coming of a new beginning in the lives of those you have served!


Montreal, Quebec

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