Message of solidarity to the CPP to celebrate the 40th anniversary of its re-establishment

By Yahoogroup Maoist Revolution

Dear Comrades,

On behalf on the entire membership of the Maoist Revolution web list (3, 741and counting) we the core of the group would like to send our solidarity greeting to you, the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) on your 40th year of leading the revolution in the Phillipines. The CPP was reestablished on December 26, 1968 and under the leadership of the advanced section of the working class of the Phillipines sought with Marxist – Leninist – Maoist ideological line to continue the people's democratic revolution to completion.

The year of 1968 was the storm of anti revisionist struggle, centred in People's China with the conscious aim to overthrow the beourgiouse within the Communist Party of China and in stiff opposition to soviet revisionism. Amongst this turmoil, the CPP was reestablished and another phase of Communist led struggle shook the Phillipines which sent shivers down the spines of the imperialists and reactionaries within the Phillipines and globally.

The CPP, armed with the correct Marxist – Leninist – Maoist ideological line took the initiative to wage armed struggle and through this process develope the people's war. With the correct Maoist line of organisation, the CPP has through the three 'magic' weapons mobilised the people to make revolution. First the party (CPP) and under the proletarian leadership, masses have been mobilised for revolution through the united front organisation the National Democratic Front of the Phillipines (NDF) and the cutting edge, the New People's Army (NPA).

We are proud as members of the Maoist Revolution web list to identify the Internationalist line of the CPP and its disemination to the international proletariat by using 'modern' technology not only of the ongoing peoples revolution in the Phillipines, but also the messages of solidarity given to the international proletariat. The recent message from the CPP to the CC of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) [CPN(M)] is just one example to name a few.

The current socio-economic crisis of the imperialist system is and will continue to weigh down upon he peoples of the world, in particular the oppressed nations, of which the Phillipines consists. The socio-economic crisis will inevitably bring turmoil, upheaval and peoples resistance! This will take many forms and will without doubt shake both the oppressor and oppressed nations alike. Resistance will take various forms from peasant land grabs, workers strikes, rebellions of inner city proletarian youths as witnessed by the Greek peoples rebellion. These struggles will without doubt be grand and we can be sure that without the leadership of the genuine proletarian parties, these struggles will be attempted to be hijacked by various reactionary classes attempting once again to re-establish themselves once events quieten down.

The ledership of the CPP in your nation is an assurance to us, the international proletariat that the masses will be led correctly and with the aim of completing the new democratic revolution, prior to the socialist. In parallel we have the Maoist contingents in India, Nepal, Ceylon, Iran, Bhutan not to mention the Maoists in the imperialist countries of Italy, France, the USA..

We once more reaffirm our continued solidarity to you Comrades and we will endeavour to distribute your statements to the people. We look forward to the future birth of the Peoples Republic of the Phillipines, a red base area of world revolution!

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