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Message of Solidarity to the Japan Communist League (JCL)

NDFP International Office

 The National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) extends its warm solidarity greetings to the Japan Communist League (JCL) on the occasion of the holding of open rallies of its supporters, militant workers, students and concerned individuals in Tokyo on 17 March 2013, and in the Kansai and Kyushu areas in April.

These mass actions are aimed to explain to the Japanese working class and people the political line of JCL, its analysis of the situation under the new Abe regime, and the tasks of the Japanese working class and people to help deepen their awareness and raise their unity and cooperation against the intensifying US-Japan military alliance in the region and continuing threats of nuclear power plants.

The progressive movements of the Filipino and Japanese people continue to advance to oppose the anti-people and exploitative and repressive policies and actions of US and Japanese imperialism and their puppets in Asia, particularly in the Philippines.

This political initiative of our comrades in the JCL, certainly boosts our aspirations to arouse, organize and mobilize the broad masses of our peoples against imperialism and for socialism.

Indeed, the solidarity not only between the Japanese and Filipino people, but of all oppressed and exploited peoples of the world, ensures the defeat of the imperialists and their puppets, and the paves the road to genuine liberation for the Japanese, Filipino and all peoples of the world.

Long live the solidarity between the Japanese people and the Filipino people!

Long live international solidarity!

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