Message on the 45th anniversary of the CPP, 30th year of the CPP NEMR Committee

Spokesperson, NDFP Northeast Mindanao Chapter

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines-North Eastern Mindanao Region (NDFP-NEMR) and its member organizations, salute and convey its greetings to the Communist Party of the Philippines-MLM in its 45th year this 2013. The Peoples’ Democratic Revolution went through many hardships, weaknesses and mistakes within its 45 years of advancement. It suffered deviations and temporary setbacks, but under the correct leadership of the CPP, guided by Marxist-Leninist-Maoist ideology, it was able to launch rectifications movements.

We are ever grateful to the campaigns of the two rectification movements of the Communist Party of the Philippines. These pushed forward the Philippine revolution to its 45th year as it perseveres and frustrates the powerful US imperialists and its obedient puppets.

The first rectification movement was the re-establishment of the CPP in 1968 from the old Communist Party of the Philippines which was destroyed by the Lavas and Tarucs. The second rectification movement was launched in 1992 onwards. This saved the entire revolutionary movement from the threat of anihilation and enabled ts resurgence from deviations and mistakes.

The 45 years of the PDR’s advance and perseverance is confirmation that we will attain victory in the near future. NDFP-NEMR is confident that victory is imminent. If the PDR is able to achieve initial victories in several of the consolidated guerilla bases in the region’s countrysides, then there is no reason for us to fail to bring the PDR to total victory where the ruling classes and the enemies of the people will have no place.

We can only achieve victory under the correct leadership of the Communist Party of the Philippines-MLM. By the advance of millions of people we will be able to establish peoples democratic governments from the barrios and the entire country. Through the soldiers of people, the New Peoples Army, we will annihilate the armed forces of the puppet republics of the Philippines along with US imperialists.

Long live the 45th year anniversary of the CPP!
Long live the struggling people!
Long live the soldiers of the people!
Join the New Peoples Army!


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