Message of Solidarity to the Workers World Party

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines and its allied organizations including the Communist Party of the Philippines send our most militant greetings of solidarity to the Workers World Party on the occasion of your 2016 National Conference in New York City.

We commend your conference for putting into question the issue of societal change in the context of the bipartisan politics of the ruling elites in the United States. Neither of the chief representatives of the ruling class in the elections will forward changes for the working and marginalized people in the US as either will ensure that US’ domestic and international policies shall continue to serve monopoly capitalist interests particularly the financial oligarchs and miltary-industrial complex.

Unemployment, hunger, privatization of social services such as health and education, and internal displacement in the US is heightening. While it deceptively banners human rights and freedom in its overseas war and military operations, it subjects the working people and people of color to untold violence and injustice. Police shootings of black people and criminalization of migrants remain as the root causes of poverty, joblessness, discrmination and xenophobia remain unaddressed.

The deepening and protracted crisis of capitalism translates to even more aggressive push for neoliberal globalization to colonies and semi-colonies of the US through bilateral, regional and mega trade deals such as the TTIP and the TPPA. War, direct or by proxy, remains as the US’ political and military tool to keep its stranglehold over countries and global regions, or wrest control from its competitor states.

Contradictions among imperialist countries are sharpening and caught in between are the working and exploited people in the US and the world.

But the people are continuing to rise up.

From worker’s strikes to the Black Lives Matter to the protest actions against the Dakota Access Pipeline, people in the US are bringing forward issues that strike to the very core of the capitalist system.

In the Philippines, the revolutionary and progressive forces in the country are intensifying anti-imperialist calls and campaigns. The declarations of the current government of Duterte pertaining to the US and Philippines relations is sharpening the contradictions within the ruling classes and triggering imperialist-backed attacks in social and other media.

Pro-imperialist forces and the classes that benefit from maintaining the semi- colonial and semi-feudal setup on our country are steadily mounting propaganda attacks to discredit the revolutionary movement and the national democratic revolution with socialist perspective line.

We are, however, very much confident that the revolution will advance and socialism will triumph. The deteriorating condition of the people in the Philippines and elsewhere in the world will only prod the oppressed and exploited to continually seek resolution of fundamental socio-economic and political problems perpetuated by imperialists.

Let us continue to work together in solidarity against neoliberal globalization, war, fascism, discrimination and all reactions towards a socialist future for our people.

Long live Workers World Party!
Long live international solidarity!