Message to the NDFP’s 45th anniversary

Ka Oris
Spokesperson, National Operations Command, NPA

The New People’s Army National Operations Command under the absolute leadership of the Communist Party of the Philippines joins other NDFP allied organizations and the whole Filipino revolutionary movement in extending the warmest revolutionary greetings to the National Democratic Front of the Philippines on its 45th founding anniversary. We salute the NDFP for steadfastly advancing the cause of national liberation and genuine democracy against the reactionary rule of US imperialism, local feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism.

Upon its establishment 45 years ago, the NDFP immediately united the revolutionary mass organizations of workers, peasants, youth, women, teachers, church people, health and cultural workers, to boldly fight the newly-imposed martial rule and stood unwaveringly as the rallying point for the struggle of the Filipino people against the US-Marcos dictatorship’s widespread fascist terror. Since then, the NDFP struck deep roots and flourished among the laboring masses, forged the broadest unity with all antifascist and anti-dictatorial forces and elements, and marched at the helm of the battle that brought down the hated fascist dictatorship. The NDFP then continued the fight against all the succeeding regimes that implemented US-directed neoliberal globalization policies and state fascism and amplified corruption, impunity and abuse of power.

The NDFP with its allied organizations plays an indispensable role in building the New People’s Army, advancing the armed struggle, setting up revolutionary governments in the countryside, and advancing people’s struggles at various fronts. Its biggest revolutionary mass organizations of peasants, workers, youth and women serve as the NPA’s primary mass base and ever abundant source of new Red fighters. Organizations of youth and students, including young workers and young peasants, provide increasing numbers of cadres and warriors for the people’s army and important services to the armed struggle.

We salute the NDFP’s consistently firm stand for the national democratic revolution with a socialist perspective and its endeavors to propagate this line within the country and overseas. This has been affirmed most clearly during the post-Marcos years, in its fight and rejection of the imperialist and revisionist psy-war agents’ vigorous attacks to sabotage and destroy the alliance by spreading vitriol against the CPP, NPA and the protracted people’s war.

The NDFP’s continuing work among compatriots abroad, international solidarity work, and proto-diplomatic work continues to gather international support for the Philippine revolution. We likewise admire the NDFP’s invaluable contributions to the worldwide anti-imperialist united front and its support for anti-imperialist forces and struggles.

Today, the NDFP continues to grow, resolutely uniting the Filipino people to fight the fascist US-Duterte regime at all fronts, in the countrysides and cities, open and underground. We commend its exemplary representation of the revolutionary movement in the NDFP-GRP peace negotiations, that won agreements for the good of the Filipino people such as the Hague Joint Declaration and the CARHRIHL. It has constantly rejected the US-Duterte regime’s whims and caprices despite instigations to surrender, threats against the security of its panelists, and outright fascist terror against the revolutionary forces under the US-directed Oplan Kapayapaan and the US’ Pacific Eagle. The revolutionary movement’s substantive agenda for addressing the roots of the armed conflict were highlighted for the Filipino people and the international community to see, as opposed to the GRP’s bankrupt militarist agenda of ceasefire without substantive agreements. With the NDF’s unwavering stand for principled and just peace, we fully support and will continue to abide by the agreements it has signed in the past or the future peace negotiations.

As an allied organization of the NDFP, the NPA will march shoulder-to-shoulder with NDFP allied organizations in further advancing the national democratic revolution until complete victory. We join the painstaking task of arousing, organizing and mobilizing millions upon millions of Filipino people who are rising to overthrow the detested US-Duterte regime and to advance the national democratic revolution to higher levels. As the main armed component of the people’s war, we affirm our commitment to fight the fascist US-Duterte regime to its end.

Long live the National Democratic Front of the Philippines!

Long live the broadest unity of the Filipino people for national liberation and genuine democracy!

Long live the Filipino people!