NDFP Expresses Firm Solidarity with COMRADE ROSALBA ROMANO, the Editorial Board of Democratic Vigilance and CARC Comrades

The NDFP expresses its firm solidarity with Comrade ROSALBA ROMANO, the Board of Editors of Democratic Vigilance and CARC comrades who are being put on trial at the Court of Milan. They are falsely accused of “defamation” when all they have been doing is fighting against impunity and abuses of law enforcement. They rightflly demand that torture be officially declared a crime.
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NDFP Renders High Honors to FQS Activist, Benedicto Solang of the Cordillera

Benedict Solang, an Elder in the Advisosry Council of the Cordillera People's Alliance was an activist for genuine people's development and indigenous people's rights, for national democracy and socialism, and a world without discrimination.


Makibaka, a revolutionary women's organization and allied member of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines gives a Red Salute to Kasama Petronila Cleto and pays tribute to a revolutionary woman, defender of human rights, journalist, writer, editor and organizer.

Tribute to Veteran Journalist Rolando “Rolly” Espina

May the noble legacy and memory of ROLANDO “ROLLY” ESPINA be a model for other media people and a continuing inspiration to them and the Filipino people.

Unire il popolo filippino per resistere e rovesciare il regime fascista USA-Duterte

Il Comitato Centrale del Partito Comunista delle Filippine trasmette i suoi più calorosi saluti al popolo filippino e all'intero gruppo del PCC in occasione del 49 ° anniversario del ristabilimento del Partito sulla base teorica del marxismo-leninismo-maoismo e del generale politico linea di rivoluzione democratica popolare attraverso la guerra popolare.

NDFP strongly condemns the Peruvian state's campaign of persecution against MOVADEF

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines expresses its firm solidarity with the Movement for Amnesty and Fundamenetal Freedoms of the Peruvian People (MOVADEF). We strongly condemn the campagin of persecution of the Peruvian State against the leaders and members of MOVADEF.

'He will stay in our hearts forever'

I know and realize that Jan played an important role for the Filipino community in the Netherlands. He was touched by your situation and angry with the system in which it is possible for human rights defenders to be treated as criminals and terrorists. The system in which communists are not sure of their lives and have to hide or flee their country. He admired and supported your struggle and the untiring efforts to resume and make the peace talks successful.